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Moravian Church in North America
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June 2016

Mid-states Camping offers faith and fun

The camping ministry in the Mid-states—for Moravian congregations in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois—is unique from all the other Moravian camps in that each one is held at a different location. The goal of MSYMC is to ensure that the youth and young adults of the Mid-States Moravian churches (which include Ohio, lower Michigan, Indiana, […]

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Unionville Moravian draws community in to celebrate quiltmakers’ work

Members of Unionville Moravian Church in Unionville, Mich. discovered that a quilt show was a wonderful way to draw in a community and honor the women who made them. Organizers chose the theme “A Celebration of Quilts and Their Makers” to commemorate the wonderful group of quilters from Unionville Moravian who had a long tradition […]

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Van-Es celebrates 75 years of Canadian camping

In 1941, Moravians gathered on a wilderness site east of Edmonton for their very first time. That site would soon be named Van-Es, taking its letters from the Unitas Fratrum’s Latin motto “Vicit Agnus Noster Eum Sequamur” – a name that reminds all who gather together on the land that Our Lamb Has Conquered! Fast […]

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Common Ground: Engaging neighbours in their faith

As the culture in North America changes, so too does the way our neighbours engage in their faith. The Common Ground Community Café, co-founded by the Revs. Ian and Eileen Edwards, with support from the Moravian Church Northern Province, was developed as a creative response to a cultural desire for spiritual conversation and community in […]

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CrossWalk continues solemn yet joyful tradition

Forty-two years ago, several weeks before Holy Week, Trinity’s young associate Pastor, Phil Bauguess, sat down on the floor with the youth fellowship. “Hey gang! I have an idea!” (This was not always a good thing.) He continued. “We’re gonna build a 200 lb. cross and carry it through downtown Winston-Salem to Old Salem.” Honestly, […]

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Western, Canadian Districts elect new leadership at 2016 Synods

At this spring’s 2016 Synods of the Moravian Church Northern Province Western District and Canadian District, delegates elected leaders to guide their Districts through the next four years.

At this spring’s 2016 Synods of the Moravian Church Northern Province Western District and Canadian District, delegates elected leaders to guide their Districts through the next four years.

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“Camp Hope” celebrates its 70th anniversary (and a brief history of Moravian camping)

  Hope Conference & Renewal Center, formerly known as “Camp Hope,” is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its 1946 purchase this year. The 1940s, when the camp property was purchased, was a significant period of ministry for the Moravian Church, as youth and young adults discovered camps, conferences and outdoor ministry. Although programs for youth […]

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“We Make Memories” at Hope Center

Hope Conference & Renewal Center, an outdoor ministry of the Eastern District, is preparing for a summer season filled with meeting new friends, enjoying campfires, swimming, boating, worshipping by the lake or on the hill and celebrating the 70th anniversary of “Camp Hope.” Overlooking Little Silver Lake in Hope, New Jersey, Hope Conference Center offers […]

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There is only one Laurel Ridge Experience

Laurel Ridge, the Moravian camp for the Southern Province, is a mountain place set apart for forming disciples of Jesus Christ who live and learn in community to serve in the world. And for many who have ever been on the mountain, there is only one Laurel Ridge Experience! Laurel Ridge offers campers a chance […]

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Moravian Daily Texts


Fourth Sunday in Lent

Watchword for the WeekSurely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long. Psalm 23:6

Sunday, March 26 — 1 Samuel 16:1–13; Psalm 23

Ephesians 5:8–14; John 9:1–41

There is hope for your future, says the Lord. Jeremiah 31:17

The neighbors and those who had seen him before as a beggar began to ask, “Is this not the man who used to sit and beg?” John 9:8

As we listen to the story of sight restored and a life reborn, we ask for the light of Christ to heal our own blindness. May we leave worship today knowing that we have been in the presence of Jesus. Amen.

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