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In Essentials, Unity; In Nonessentials, Liberty; In All Things, Love.

Moravian Church in North America
North: Bethlehem, Pa.
South: Winston-Salem, N.C.

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October 2015

FIT First event helps youth discern—and act on—their call to mission

Instead of backyard barbecues and family picnics, 30 young Moravians spent their Labor Day weekend answering the question, “How and where do we FIT in God’s mission?” The Board of World Mission’s FIT (Focused Intensity over Time) First event brought young adults and church leaders together at Laurel Ridge in North Carolina to learn about […]

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Healthy Congregations: A story from the field

In the September issue of The Moravian Magazine, we highlighted the Northern Province’s Healthy Congregations Task Force. In this and coming issues, we will be sharing examples and ideas of how putting the “Seven Characteristics of Healthy Congregations” to work have enhanced the mission and ministry of a local church. This month, we hear from […]

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Jump into Bible stories with Godly Play

So what if you could hold your breath and jump, landing right in the middle of the Bible? Look to the left, there are Old Testament stories; to the right, New Testament. Also within view are the parables, Jesus’ stories within the Bible stories and the stories of the liturgical year—Advent transitioning into Christmas, Lent […]

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Moravian Children’s Festival and Lovefeast

On August 16, the Southern Province celebrated its second annual Children’s Festival and Lovefeast at Bethania Moravian Church, a day of prayer and covenanting for children commemorating the children’s spiritual renewal in Herrnhut on August 17, 1727. The annual celebration has two key components: a festival filled with fellowship, fun and learning and a lovefeast […]

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Peace Moravian Church on the move

In late July, Peace Moravian Church in Charlotte, N.C. sold their facility and property to Hope Community Church. But the sale of a building isn’t the end of a congregation; instead, it is an opportunity to move in a new direction and drive toward a new future that God is preparing. Peace Moravian, by the […]

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Beth Hayes named Educator of the Year 2016

Moravians have valued education from the very beginning of our denomination. Having resources and knowledge in the hands of every member and making faith come alive for each one of us has been a standard we live by. There are pastors and teachers that stand out in our hearts and minds as we consider how […]

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Official Provincial Elders’ News, October 2015

Prayer Day for Children On a Sunday in October, congregations of the Northern and Southern Provinces are invited to join with thousands of other congregations across the nation in the thirteenth annual national observance of Children’s Sabbath. Endorsement of the Children’s Sabbath was made by the Provincial Elders’ Conferences in January 1994.   Prayer Day […]

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Becoming “New to the Pew”!

Being young and having to be a part of an adult world can be pretty intimidating, especially when transitioning from being in Children’s Church—where it is okay to wiggle, talk and even be silly—to sitting through a worship service where you have to be still, be quiet and probably have no idea what all is […]

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Moravian Covenant for Christian Living Part VIII

In our January issue of the Moravian Magazine, we introduced a new regular feature, “Studying Moravian Doctrine.” Following the outline established by Jesus Still Lead On, An Introduction to Moravian Belief, we will cover different aspects of two central documents outlining Moravian doctrine and belief each month. In 2015, we are working through the Moravian […]

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Moravian Daily Texts


Monday, September 24 — Psalm 109:8–20
1 Samuel 14:41–15:23; John 2:12–25

The Lord your God will make you most prosperous in all the work of your hands. Deuteronomy 30:9 (NIV)

It is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to work for his good pleasure. Philippians 2:13

God of our calling, you have blessed us with work to do each day. Inspire us, enable us, and infuse us with energy for the tasks set before us. Help us to be an example of your love to all who cross our path, working joyfully for you. Amen.

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