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Weekly Moravian Message June 21, 2015

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost June 21, 2015

Peace Invites Peace

After a series of parables that describe what the kingdom of heaven is like, Mark tells the story of Jesus’ calming the storm. This story is filled with spiritual images. The sea could represent the unknowable, awe-inspiring, and uncontrollable essence of life. In order to navigate the sea of life, we build boats, safe places that we control that give us the courage to venture out and explore the limits of life. This is our ego. Ego defines and protects us. But ego wants to be in control for fear of dying. But its control divides and separates us from others and from God. The result is we hold on to our ego with a death grip, unaware that God is holding us with a life grip.

Kristy, a precocious teenager, asked her mother, “Why is it so hard to trust God?” “To trust God we have to surrender our control,” her mother replied. “And surrendering feels an awful lot like dying.” Her mother poured a glass of water, added an ice cube, and handed it to Kristy. “What’s happening to the ice cube?” her mother asked. “It’s becoming water,” Kristy observed. “Surrendering to God is much like being an ice cube in water,” her mother continued. “Trusting God transforms us into something greater than ourselves, something that we already are, one with God.”

In a state of panic, the disciples woke Jesus, crying for help. He responded from a place of peace within himself and invited the world to join him there. Find the place where peace resides in your heart. Invite Christ to join you there. Let him speak to the storms in your life. Melt into the greater presence of God.

Rick Beck, pastoral team, Good Shepherd Moravian Church, Calgary, Alberta

Moravian Daily Texts


Wednesday, February 21 — Psalm 28
Genesis 49; Matthew 17:14–27

The Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard. Isaiah 52:12

Therefore we must pay greater attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it. Hebrews 2:1

Great Protector, with you by our side we shall have nothing to fear. Because of this, we can more freely focus on keeping your words close to our hearts. Weigh upon our minds what you desire us to hear. Amen.

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