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District Developments, August 2017

The Newsletter of The Eastern District Moravian Church August 2017
David E. Bennett, President District Developments

Meet Eastern District Social Media Intern Shana Angel

In an earlier District Developments article, we shared information related to our search for an Eastern District Social Media Intern. Such action to strengthen our ability to network through social media came at the request of the last two synods, as delegates experienced firsthand the benefits of communication and promotion through such efforts as the 2016 Eastern District Synod Mission Blast. Toward that end, the Eastern District began a search for a Social Media Intern through the office of Rev. Cynthia Geyer, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. We are thrilled to announce that the search was successful and this new and exciting position has been filled. Welcome aboard, Shana Angel!

Shana is a member of the Fry’s Valley congregation in Ohio and is excited to become a part of the Eastern District team. Shana’s current Master Degree Program is Agriculture and Education Extension through the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership. The focus of her current study is around communication in non-traditional forms. Interestingly, Shana shared that, “My current Master’s Project is the design and evaluation of an agricultural-based youth mission camp that is being run out of the recently vacated Fry’s Valley parsonage. Additionally, I closely follow the work of two of the professors in the department who focus on studying social media.” Shana’s personal passion for social media will undoubtedly be an invaluable resource as we try to leverage such communication and promotion tools for the benefit of Eastern District networking and ministry collaboration.

As the Social Media Intern, Shana will work in conjunction with The Eastern District Ministry Leadership Team to educate Eastern District Churches and Agencies on the use of social media in an effort to build a tech-savvy online community. More particularly, she will assist in developing strategies to increase the use of social media, as well as monitor and actively engage followers in dialogue with the ultimate goal of bringing engaged individuals face to face in mission and ministry. The end goal will be to nurture the development of a sustained Eastern District online Moravian Community.

Shana is currently studying at Ohio State University, where she hopes to complete her Masters program in the spring of 2018. She also currently works as a Grain Merchandiser, where the primary part of her job is to follow and understand agricultural future markets on the Chicago Board of Trade. From this understanding she is responsible for the communication of a daily update on the local radio station. Shana’s work with the Eastern District began on July 10, providing the Eastern District with 8 to 12 hours per week of social media development and consultation. Email contact for Shana is


Moravian Ministries Foundation

Usually in the world of investing, the rule of thumb is that sin sells and/or profits, and those stocks invested in companies that produce alcohol, tobacco, firearms, pharmaceuticals, etc. tend to perform very well. I myself have cautioned investors that managing portfolios through an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) lens often leaves your portfolio behind, i.e., trailing the broad market’s performance. Money magazine’s August issue features an article on this type of investing and points out many of the positives in 2017’s performance. In fact, since the election many of the socially responsible stocks are performing quite well. Interest in this type of investing is growing. Morningstar, a mutual fund rating agency, says that over $205 billion is invested in this type of asset in 2017 so it bears further tracking and discussion.

Our investment partner, TIAA Kaspick, has several portfolios focused in ESG screening. They build portfolios featuring money managers that seek to include companies with positive environmental, social and governance records and to exclude those with poor records. The portfolios do not exclusively feature ESG managers, but they definitely have a strong tilt in that direction. If you are concerned about climate change, natural resource use, waste management or environmental opportunities, these portfolios may interest you. If you or the boards you serve have questions or you would like more information on ESG, give me a call. (888-722-7923) Contributed by Brother Chris Spaugh, President, MMFA


Crossroads Lay Leadership Info Session

On Saturday, August 12th, 10 am at Moravian Theological Seminary, 60 W. Locust Street, Bethlehem, there will be an Info Session for the Crossroads Lay Leadership Program.  Are you interested in gaining a quality education to help you in your congregational life? Come join the session and find out about Crossroads classes and how they can help you as a layperson.  Contact Jill Peters at: Come join the session!


Schedule of Events

  • August 15
    Crossroads Summer Book Club at Moravian Theological Seminary, Bethlehem. Book Presented: The Morning They Came For Us. Rev. Dr. Deborah Appler, Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible will lead the discussion. Sign up for $10 at: For more information, contact Jill Peters at
  • August 22
    Moravian Archives 2017 Summer Soirée 5 pm – 7:30 pm at Moravian Archives, 41 West Locust Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018, 610-866-3255. Music and refreshments on the front steps and in the reading room of the Archives, as well as a chance to see the new exhibit, “Moravian Connections”.
  • September 23 (overnight stay Sept. 22)
    Eastern Region Moravian Women 2017 Fall Workshop: “Renew, Revive, Rejoice.” Held at Faith Moravian Church, 405 Riggs RD NE, Washington, DC 20011, phone: 202-635-9012. Registration 9 am, rally begins 10 am. Continental breakfast and lunch will be served. Registration is $20 due by Sept. 10th, 2017. Sept. 11th-17th, $25. No refunds after Sept. 17th. For registration contact Sr. Jennifer Joseph at or 917-489-0888.
  • September 27-30
    Quilt camp at Camp Hope. For info about registering call (908) 459-4435 or contact:


500th Reformation Anniversary To Be Celebrated

Save the date of Oct. 31st for a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and put it in the context of reformations in our church, past and present. “Reformations Yesterday and Tomorrow”: Craig Atwood (Moravian), Kelly Denton-Borhaug (Lutheran), Brian Pavlac (Episcopal) will be the speakers, with Steven Simmons (Presbyterian) as the moderator.  Bishop Sean Rowe (Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem), Bishop Sam Zeiser (Bishop of the Northeast Pennsylvania ELCA), and Rev. David Bennett (Eastern District President, Moravian Church Northern Province) will be present as event hosts and we will enjoy a Full-Communion celebration of Eucharist. All this and lunch for a free will offering, on Tuesday, October 31st, at Moravian Theological Seminary, 9:00 am -1:30 pm. This is a free event, but registration is required. Register at:


Pre-orders Accepted For 2018 Moravian Daily Texts

Since last fall, the IBOC has been focused on compiling and editing the 2018 edition of this well-loved devotional. First published in 1731 in Herrnhut, Germany, The Daily Texts grew out of a spiritual renewal of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) that dates back to Aug. 13, 1727. Today, more than 280 years after its first publication, the Daily Texts continues its promise of “a daily message from God that is new every morning”. The cover image selected for 2018 features a pottery chalice from the Moravian Theological Seminary. This cover design was selected from more than 15 options for this year by the board of directors of the IBOC.  In addition, a dozen writers have selected hymns and written prayers to accompany the Bible verses selected in Herrnhut for every day.

The 2018 editions don’t begin shipping until late October/early November, but you can order yours now at discounted prices. Online preordering for the 2018 Moravian Daily Text can be done at:

The general order form can be downloaded at:  For questions or more information about the 2018 Daily Texts, contact Jill at 610-867-7566, ext. 38

Moravian Daily Texts


Friday, August 17 — Psalm 100
Joshua 24:14–Judges 1:16; Luke 18:1–17

The Lord said, “You had compassion on the plant for which you did not work and which you did not cause to grow, which came up overnight and perished overnight. Should I not have compassion on Nineveh, the great city?” Jonah 4:10–11 (NASB)

Do not seek your own advantage, but that of the other. 1 Corinthians 10:24

Creating Lord—you trusted us with one of the biggest responsibilities of all time: to care for your creation and all that is in it. Creation speaks to us and cannot be pushed past its boundaries. Help us tune our ears to listen to the voices that do not sound like ours. Amen.

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