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Unity Prayer Day Offering 2018

Ciudad de Dios, Peru3

The 2018 Unity Offering has been designated for the purchase of a piece of land for a church office for the Moravian Church in Peru.

March 1 is observed as the founding of the Unitas Fratrum and the first Sunday in March (March 4, 2018) is the Prayer Day for Unity Work and the Sunday when the Unity Offering is often received.

Unity Board Administrator Jørgen Bøytler shared this:

The Unity Prayer Day Offering 2018 will benefit purchase of a piece of land for a church office, the first to be owned by the Moravian Church in Peru.

The Moravian Church Peru is one of the newest mission areas in the worldwide Unity.

So far, the Moravian Churches in Peru rent space for their worship services and other ministries. From a sustainability point of view this is not the best approach. The Peru Moravian Board has asked if it would be possible to obtain a one-time larger donation that could be used to purchase some land in Chiclayo, Peru. That is where the headquarters is located, but presently the office is situated in the home of the president of the church.

The Moravians in Peru believe that if they have a piece of land, they can slowly work toward developing it. They have said that even if they would use a tent or a tarpaulin in the early stages, at least there would be a place that could be identified as the “Moravian Church.”

4 sustainability projects in Peru are going well – especially the “Moravian Bubbles” laundry service in Lima and the Moravian Mariachi Band in Chiclayo. The income from those projects can be used for developing the land if it is purchased.

The Unity Prayer Day Offering 2018 will therefore support the witness of the Moravian Church in Peru and will help to further the mission of the Moravian Church in Peru.

Jørgen Bøytler


How can you help?

Congregations in the United States should make their check payable to the Moravian Church-Northern Province and forward it to the Finance Office, P. O. Box 1245, Bethlehem, PA 18016-1245, with a note in the memo area indicating “Unity Offering.” Canadian congregations should forward their funds to the Canadian District treasurer. Please send all offerings no later than May 31 to ensure our being able to transmit all funds to the Unity for the current year’s project.

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