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Ponderings: A book reprint gets me thinking spring…

Should we talk about the weather? My wife kids me that I write about the weather too often in my “Ponderings.” I’ve grown a little self-conscious about it over the years and have worked hard to ensure she has little ammo to rib me with on this score. But the winter we’ve had—not just here […]

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Readings guide Moravians through Holy Week

The four Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—record words and deeds of Jesus. More than a quarter of the Gospel narrative is devoted to Holy Week, from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, through his cleansing of the temple, disputes with religious leaders, teaching about the end times and Last Supper with his closest followers, […]

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First Moravian members writing biography of accomplished former pastor

“I consider S. Morgan Smith the pre-eminent industrialist in the history of York County. Five companies today can trace their roots to Smith, yet no one has ever written a biography about him. Why don’t you think about writing one?” Jim McClure, editor of the York Daily Record, presented this challenge to Terry Downs and […]

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Brethren: a book review

Brethren by Jeremiah Pearson Incunabula Press, 2013, 510 pgs. Part of the Villeins Trilogy. Brethren is an historical novel that tells the story of a small group of religious radicals from the village of Kunvald who risk their lives to promote literacy and peace in the midst of the violence of the early 1500s. The […]

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Ponderings: Ordination uplifts a Sunday afternoon

aprilponderingsintroAs I’m sure it is for many of you, finding inspiration and strengthening of faith comes in many forms and events. Sunday morning worship, reading the Daily Texts, working in our communities or on a mission trip, helping others, studying the Bible or simply contemplating the beauty and splendor of nature all help to refresh the spirit. On a Sunday afternoon in February, I experienced an event that I need to add to that list.

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Obituary: The Rt. Rev. Milo A. Loppnow

LoppnowBrother Milo A. Loppnow died at Watertown, Wisconsin, February 4, 2013, at the age of 99.

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Organization honoring Moravian missionary plans bicycle trail and park system

zeisbergerintroMoravian missionary David Zeisberger forever changed the history of Ohio when he founded the state’s first town, Schoenbrunn, on May 2, 1772. In the village located near New Philadelphia, Ohio, Zeisberger and fellow missionaries built the first church and the first school where they ministered to Native Americans of the Delaware tribe.

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Orphan Education in the Sikonge District

orphanedintroOrphans are a social and financial liability in the developing third world, both to their families and to their country. If ignored or abandoned, these children will become an increasing burden on their surrounding society. Because of their large numbers, they will make a significant impact on the future of Africa.

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Charlotte-area Moravian women share “Springs of Life”

womensintroSaturday February 16th started out with a spring snow in North Carolina but it did not dampen the festive hearts of the women from area Moravian churches that gathered in Huntersville, N.C. to share a Woman’s Day. The first one had been held just a year ago and was so well received, it was almost certain that there would be another one this year.

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Open House shares old Moravian traditions in a creative new way

gracehamchristmasintroEditor’s note: Yes, this is the kind of story I’d typically select for November or December. However, when I read Sue Koenig’s description of Graceham Moravian Church’s Christmas event this year—and the planning time it took to make it happen – I thought it would be a good add for now to get others thinking about it. Enjoy!—Mike

In July of last year, members of the Graceham Moravian Church met to begin planning A Moravian Christmas Homecoming. Mike and Myra Miller envisioned an “open house” to which members and their guests, and people from the community, would come for an afternoon of hands-on learning about Moravian Christmas traditions, and provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the Moravians.

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Sing…Play…Listen…At the 24th Moravian Music Festival!

music3Only three months remain before the 24th Moravian Music Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, July 14-20! A lively volunteer committee chaired by Rebecca Kleintop Owens is working hard to ensure that the Festival experience for attendees will be even better than hoped for.

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Lay Seminary seeks answer to “Moravian Theology – What is it today?”

layseminaryintroFor nearly 50 years, the Lay Seminary program has brought knowledge of church, theology, the Bible and more to interested Moravians in the Southern Province. The Fall Lay Seminary, “The Big Picture: A View of Modern Moravian Theology,” continued that tradition with an overview of modern Moravian theology from the Rt. Rev. Wayne Burkette.

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Moravian-Episcopal Coordinating Committee meets to strengthen full communion

episcopalintroThe full communion between the Moravian Church (Northern and Southern Provinces) and the Episcopal Church in America has been strengthened with the establishment of the Moravian Episcopal Coordinating Committee (MECC), which first met in January.

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A Moravian life begun at the kitchen sink

ederintroIn the summer of 1956, a young mother whose newborn son was about to have minor surgery paced back and forth in the kitchen of the small apartment she shared with her husband and their two other children. The operating room was booked, the surgeon was scheduled, the pre-op procedures were completed, but nagging deep memory told her that she could not offer this precious gift to the surgeon’s knife without first offering him to the Lord through the grace of baptism.

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A ministry of Stewardship and Education to those less active or inactive

inactivesintroIn the back of each year’s November issue of The Moravian Magazine, the Interprovincial Board of Communication shares the annual listing of the “Statistics of the Moravian Church in the U.S. and Canada.” We are drawn to review the list in some detail each year, knowing the churches pretty well after 30 years of ministry in Districts and Provinces. Some of what we see in these numbers is, well, troubling, and thus this commentary.

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Official Provincial Elders’ News for March 2013


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Obituary: Sister Jo Anne Atkins Chadwick

Sister Jo Anne Atkins Chadwick, widow of The Rev. Truett Chadwick, Sr., passed away on February 15, 2012 at Salemtowne Retirement Community in Winston-Salem, N.C. She was 88. Sister Chadwick graduated from Flora MacDonald College in 1945 with a Bachelor of Music degree. She married The Rev. Truett Chadwick in 1947 and during their 54 years of marriage they served seven congregations in the Moravian Church, Southern Province.

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April Official PEC News

Bronx, New York
Brother David Wickmann, who has been serving as part-time pastor of Tremont Terrace Moravian Church, Bronx, New York, concluded his work with the congregation February 12, 2012.

West Salem, Illinois
Brother Jason Andersen, who has been serving as pastor of Freedom Moravian Church,

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April News Shorts

Leather-bound Moravian Book of Worship now available

LBMBWimageBy popular request, the Interprovincial Board of Communication is once again offering a leather-bound edition of the Moravian Book of Worship.

This beautiful edition is bound in navy blue leather, stamped with a silver foil, with a ribbon bookmark sewn in. The specially-trimmed pages have silver edges.

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Ponderings: Lenten Services offer prayer, learning…and soup!

bowlofsouptop1Every month, I have a page or two to share my thoughts and ideas about the work I do, the people I meet and the things I experience as part of the Moravian community. When Spring rolls around — although as I write this, the calendar says I still have several more weeks until it is “officially” here — my thoughts turn to Lent and Easter.

For many years, Lent was that time between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday when I was expected to give things up. As a child, that would be candy or comics (my mother often saw through my efforts to give up brussels sprouts or cream corn). As I grew older, it was giving up television time or soda.

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Moravian Music Foundation seeks new music

musicrequestimageWhile Moravians are known for their rich musical heritage that dates back hundreds of years, there is also some great new music being written that continues that tradition.

The Moravian Music Foundation has been gathering up this new music for a new publication. The Foundation continues to seek submissions for a collection of newly-written Moravian songs and hymns.

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Ocean Springs team works to rebuild lives

harrismissiontop1As 2011 drew to a close, Joanie and I were reflecting on the year and realizing how blessed we are to be here in Mississippi. God has continued to provide not only for us, but for the people on the Gulf Coast, especially those who are still in need nearly 6-1/2 years after “The Storm.”

It’s probably a surprise to most people outside the Gulf Coast that there is still so much work to be done. Other calamities have made their mark since Katrina, and so there is a lot of focus in other areas of the country and the world. But like most disaster areas, the work goes on long after the media has left. It will truly be a generation before the traces of Hurricane Katrina are erased… if then.

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Painting the Lenten Scriptures

dovertop1Cover Story: It seems strange to sit in the sanctuary during Lent and watch a young woman painting a canvas in the front of the church, while scripture is being read and the pastor is delivering his sermon. We worship through the written word, vocal messages and music, but rarely do we use visual art to express our praise.

Pastor John Wallace of Dover First Moravian in Ohio, had heard of just such a program and decided to try it in his church. He visited the local high school’s art show and viewed the work of some of the young people from the church, then asked them to participate in Sunday Lenten Services.

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Unity and Southern Province delegation travels to Cuba

On January 13-15 Bishop Sam Gray and David Guthrie visited the Cuba Unity Mission Area. They joined Paul Gardner, Chair of the Unity Board; Jørgen Bøytler, Unity Business Administrator; and Rene Henriquez, a pastor from Grand Cayman who has been involved in contacts with Cuba for many years.

In October 2011, the Southern Province Provincial Elders’ Conference agreed to a request from the Unity Board Executive Committee to accept partnership with the work in Cuba, which had been supported by the Jamaica Province. Our PEC asked the Board of World Mission to assume responsibility for coordinating this partnership. The purpose of the visit to Cuba was to meet with a group of church leaders and to formally begin this new relationship for the sake of the Gospel.

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