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Camping brings California Moravians together

052013californiacampintroCalifornia Moravian Youth Camp has been a fun and meaningful part of every summer for decades. Young Moravians have been blessed by the relationships and profoundly spiritual experiences afforded by camp each year.

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Mid-States getting “Back to the Basics”

052013midstatesintroThe Mid-states camping program will return to Tar Hollow State Park near Chillicothe, Ohio on July 21-27 for Senior/Post High Camp for 2013. The mid-states camping program has been held at Tar Hollow since 1948.

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Camping in Canada at Camp Van-Es

052013vanesintroThe essence of faith is to be alive. We as followers understand that to be alive is to be renewed each day, to experience life in the light of a joy that surpasses all understanding, and live in and share the love of a Savior. At Camp Van-Es kids come to experience just that. 

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Camping in the Western District

052013wdcampingintroWhat do you get when you mix cardboard, tie-dyed stockings, guitars, running across a field trying not to be tagged, stars across the expanse of the sky, and an opportunity to grow in faith with children, youth and even adults over age 50? The answer is Western District camps. 

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Camp Hope readies for a busy season of Eastern District camping

052013camphopeintroHope Conference & Renewal Center, an outdoor ministry of the Eastern District, is preparing for hundreds of campers and staff members to experience a memorable week of camp this summer. The season will be filled with swimming in the pool, boating on the lake, singing and learning in Hassler Hall, meeting new friends, laughing at campfires, playing basketball and volleyball, worshipping by the lake or on the hill, and much more.

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Why did I put that guitar in the car?

052013guitarincarintroMy guitar and I stood in a quick-draw face-off with a car appearing to be moaning over the thought of pulling my camp bulk up and over the continental divide for a fifth time in two months. My eyes went back and forth from my over packed car to my seldom-played guitar, remembering that with limited skills, little practice, and with numbness in my hand associated with a bulging disk, I figured that I was being overly optimistic about camp songs reverberating over the hills as they had in summers past; plus, my role for the next six days was to lead nature hikes, so the guitar could, as it had all summer, stay at home. But suspecting that Laurel Ridge’s Junior 3 camp was going to have a small staff with few musicians, I shook my head and stuffed one more bulky item into the back seat. My thought: Why am I putting this guitar in my car? 

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Laurel Ridge: The Southern Province’s jewel in the mountains

052013laurelridgeintroThere are a lot of places you could go this summer. You could travel to New York, the city that never sleeps, or to a quaint New England town. You could hop a plane to L.A. and hob nob with celebrities; hitch a ride to Omaha, Nebraska for a taste of Americana; or take a bus to Washington, D.C. and try to change the world.

May I offer an alternative for your consideration? Come to the top of the mountain at Laurel Ridge.

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Building faith in the great outdoors

For generations of Moravians, the weeks spent at a Moravian summer camp represent pivotal events in their spiritual growth. While having fun, making friends and communing with nature, campers build a closer connection to their faith and to God.

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Moravian Unity Board meets in Herrnhut

unityboardintroThis fall, representatives from Moravian Provinces around the globe arrived in Herrnhut, Germany for the biennial meeting of the Unity Board of the worldwide Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum). The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Miller and The Rev. David Guthrie, presidents of the Northern and Southern Province Provincial Elders’ Conferences, travelled the Herrnhut for the occasion.


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Official Provincial Elders’ News for May 2012

Northern Province

Moravian Music Sunday, May 6, 2012
The fifth Sunday of Easter, May 6, 2012, has been designated as Moravian Music Sunday. The purpose of this observance is to help all congregations become more familiar with our rich heritage of Moravian music. Music is an expression of faith, and thus continuing creativity is to be encouraged.

Southern Province

Christ Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Brother David Marcus has accepted the call to serve as pastor at Christ Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, N.C.  He has served as associate pastor at New Philadelphia Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, NC for the past eleven years. Brother Marcus was installed at Christ on May 13, 2012.

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Book Review: “Less Clutter. Less Noise.” by Kem Meyer

People often ask who I turn to for ideas and inspiration for church communication. While I have a whole collection of writing, design, photography and communication books on my bookshelf, one I continually refer to — and heartily recommend — is Kem Meyer’s “Less Clutter. Less Noise. Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales.”

Written from the perspective of a church communicator — Meyer is the communications director for Granger Community Church in Granger, Ind. — “Less Clutter” focuses on helping church communities connect with both long-time congregants and potential new members. Using real-life stories to illustrate her points, Meyer presents an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand “short-course” in communication strategy and methodology.

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What does it mean to be Moravian? An invitation to share

0512whoarintroWe all have our own perspective and insight on what it means to be a member of The Moravian Church In America. The faith, the traditions, the music, the fellowship, the belief, the worship, the history, the people…they all play a role in defining who we are as the people of our community of faith.

As part of the Interprovincial Board of Communication’s ongoing efforts to help tell the story of today’s Moravian Church here in the U.S. and Canada, we’re looking for your thoughts, insights and viewpoints on just what it means to be Moravian today.

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Ponderings: Yes, I’ve been to Laurel Ridge

0512ponderings1Since coming to the Moravian Church two years ago this month, many a Southern Province Moravian (and quite a few from the North) have asked, “So, have you been to Laurel Ridge?” And for far too long, my answer has been, “Nope, not yet.”

That answer was almost always greeted with an incredulous look and an admonition to get there as soon as possible. To a person, they describe the beauty, serenity, peacefulness and spiritual feeling of being “on the mountain,” then wax rhapsodic about the fun and growth that camping brought to their Moravian lives.

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Latino Ministries Conference addresses expanding ministry

0512latinointroIn March, 96 Moravian brothers and sisters from 11 different congregations and fellowships across the Southern Province gathered at First Moravian Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia, with the purpose of discussing, sharing and learning together about this exciting ministry.

The Southern Province Latino Ministries Conference is an outward expression of the awareness and concern of Moravians throughout our province, to reach out in Christ’s name to the growing Hispanic population in our communities.

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A Moravian and Muslim answer to an Imam’s request

0512messiahintroAn amazing story is unfolding in West Africa thanks the vision and commitment of Little Church on the Lane, Messiah Moravian Church and two remarkable Moravians.

Mohamed and Safie Braima left their African homeland for the abundant opportunities available in America. They settled in Charlotte, N.C., joined Little Church, and built a comfortable life of meaning and service in that mission rich community. For about 30 years they lived and enjoyed the American dream.

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Working together to promote Moravian history

0512archiveintroTwo organizations whose purpose is to collect, promote and share the history of the Moravian Church are now working more closely together to bring Moravian history to life.

The Moravian Archives of the Northern Province, based in Bethlehem, Pa., and the Moravian Historical Society, based 10 miles north in Nazareth, Pa., have entered into a unique affiliation that will share expertise, collections and capabilities.

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“Come, Follow Me” to Camp Van-Es

0512vanesintroWe at Van Es Camp and Conference Centre are excited to open up for our 71st summer of camping for the Canadian district. Our theme for this year is “Come, Follow Me” which we borrowed from the Board of World Mission.

Also this year, we are excited to have Brother Brandon Salyzyn come back to be the coordinating director, serving in so many great ways which help to make Van Es a safer, better place.

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Mid-states ministry offers camping for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois

0512midstatesintroThe camping ministry in the Mid-states—for Moravian congregations in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois—is unique from all the other Moravian camps in that each one is held at a different location. Mid-states camping does not have its own campground and facilities. Some might consider this a mixed blessing: while we also don’t have to worry about year-round upkeep, we do have to deal with a variety of sites and people. This can also be a plus in that it gives our youth a variety in not only the programming but also the location.

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Laurel Ridge invites campers to spend time on the mountain

0512laurelridgeintroLaurel Ridge invites you to spend time on the mountain this summer as we celebrate our 52nd season of youth summer camps and our 10th year of mission camps.

The summer begins with College Camp (May 30-June 2). Linda Osborne, Erin Key, and the Reverends David Merritt and Matthew Allen will lead the program based on the book, “What’s the Least I Can Believe and Still Be a Christian?” This camp is a great opportunity to spend a few days at Laurel Ridge enjoying activities such as swimming, sports and campfires while also engaging in small group and total group gatherings with music, discussions and more.

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Hope Center: Memories are made here

0512camphopeintroClean Sock Award…Capture the Counselor…Buddy Check…TP Shuffle…Heart Attack Hill.

Hope Conference & Renewal Center will be echoing with these phrases and many others in 2012, as it begins its 56th year of outdoor ministry in Hope, New Jersey. (If you wonder what any of the phrases mean, ask a recent camper in your family or congregation!) A full summer of events is scheduled, beginning with the Eastern District Confirmation Retreat in early May, through Memorial Day activities, five youth camps, and two specialty camps. The camping season ends in October with Quilt Camp, a fall women’s retreat.

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Spiritual growth in the great outdoors

“Most of our learning today comes from books or such media as television. Most of us live in crowded cities. We ride on concrete streets and highways. We even worship at a fixed time on a fixed day. Because of this we have a special need to discover anew the wonder of God’s creation. We need time for reflection, for prayer, for worship. We need to open our lives to God’s call for commitment, for service. This we find in the environment of a church camp.” — Bishop George G. Higgins, June 1962

Bishop Higgins’ words from 50 years ago still ring true today. The Moravian Church’s commitment to outdoor ministries offer an escape from the fast-paced world and unique opportunities for spiritual growth in both children and adults.

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