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Ponderings: Weathering the storm

ponderingsintroOn October 29, a most unwelcome guest visited the northeastern U.S. — a hurricane/superstorm named Sandy. As that blustery Monday wore on, we knew we were in for an event many would remember for a long time.

The wind and rain rose throughout the day and into the overnight, taking down trees and limbs all over Bethlehem. Most of the city lost power. Schools and some businesses closed for days. Thankfully, the storm took no fatalities in our area.


The storm did knock out power to the Moravian Church Center for a day and our phone, e-mail and Internet connections for four. On top of that, our internal network file server failed at the same time.

At first, I lamented the lost productivity this storm unleashed. The storm interrupted, halted or made inaccessible a major part of the work I do everyday. The timing was terrible, with a board meeting, travel Winston-Salem, the Moravian magazine and a major project for the Northern Province all coming due. I found myself getting agitated that this storm disrupted my life.

But as I heard what was happening in New York and New Jersey I changed my tune. The images on the news painted a more dire picture. While our churches in these areas came through relatively unscathed, their communities were seeing homes flooded, neighborhoods destroyed, lives forever changed. We had lost power and connections; people 75 miles to our east had lost everything.

Not being able to shop at my local market, access my computer files or receive e-mail were small inconveniences compared to the tragedy elsewhere. Unlike those in the heaviest impact areas, I had a home to go to, an intact neighborhood and safe friends and family. Life for me would soon return to normal. For many, that prospect is months away.

In the coming weeks and months, our churches in Staten Island, New Jersey and New York will continue to be part of the effort to help those impacted by Sandy. More information about how you can help can be found on page 6, or by visiting



From the December 2012 Moravian Magazine

Moravian Daily Texts


Wednesday, May 23 — Psalm 68:19–27
Numbers 12:1–13:16; Mark 13:14–27

One who is slow to anger is better than the mighty and one whose temper is controlled than one who captures a city. Proverbs 16:32

Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding. Romans 14:19

God of peace, your word tells us we must not only seek peace, but pursue it. Grant us the faith to trust in you, so that we may lay down our arms. Give
us the strength to make peace, so that we may be blessed. We thank you for all your faithful servants who have taught us the way of peace and justice, especially your son, Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

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