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Get ready for the Moravian Young Adult Convo this summer

1114convoHerrnhutEvery four years, Moravian young adults in North America have the opportunity to come together for a Moravian Young Adult Convocation. Nearly eight years ago the participants for the Moravian Young Adult Convo 2007 traveled to the Czech Republic and Germany to see many of the historic Moravian sites and to find inspiration and vision for current ministry.

All Moravian young adults ages 18 through 26 are invited to attend this summer’s Moravian Young Adult Convo 2015 which will return to the Czech Republic and Germany. The dates for the trip are July 5-13, 2015. This trip is built on the same theme as the earlier Convo: “Make the Moravian Journey Home and Catch a Vision for Our Future!”

One of the members of the Convo 2015 Planning Group is the Rev. Josh Viste, Pastor of the Millwoods Community (Moravian) Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, who was also a participant at Convo 2007. Josh shares the following thoughts about this upcoming Convo:

“It is a privilege to assist with the planning of Convo 2015. I had the privilege of attending Convo 2007 in Prague and Herrnhut, and it continues to transform my appreciation for the rich history and tradition of the Moravian Church.

“Prague captures the imagination as an ancient city with such diversity of language, culture, tradition and historical influences. Between Prague Castle, the Golden Lane, Old Prague Square, and Bethlehem Chapel, you are bound to find something that catches your eye and inclines your ear to listen to the eons of stories embedded in this beautiful city. You’ll hear about the pre-Reformation movements of people like Jan Hus, and our unique claim that all people should have access to the rituals of the faith.

1114convodpragu3“Then journey to Kunwald where you’ll hear the stories of the first Moravians who established a movement which was the ancient unity. Next, to Chalice Rocks where you’ll not only see the landscape of the 2005 film The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but also a sacred place that gave refuge to persecuted Christians who fled to this rugged woodland to escape persecution.

“And then of course there is Herrnhut — your true spiritual home. Not only will you hear of the renewed Moravian tradition of the early 1700s, but you’ll also hear about the diversity of religious expression, the intentionality of reconciling differences and the renewed Mission movement of the Moravian Church. This is a place where you will not only learn, but you will also experience the warmth and vitality of not only the historic church, but also the truly living church community. Between community games, tours, singstundes and worship services; you’ll fall in love with the people, and you are bound to make many lifelong friends.

“Convo 2007 forever changed my understanding of the historic and modern Moravian traditions, and has deepened my faith and appreciation for God’s steadfast presence in the church throughout the ages. I trust that Convo 2015 will be a true blessing to every camper and chaperone as you learn about the history, reclaim our identity and grow in the Spirit with all the new friends you’ll meet. I hope you’ll take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!”

For more information about Convo 2015, please check its website at or call (336) 722-8126.
The Rev. Doug Rights is director of Youth, College and Young Adult Ministries for the Southern Province Board of Cooperative Ministries.


From the November 2014 Moravian Magazine


Moravian Daily Texts


Monday, July 16 — Psalm 85:8–13
Deuteronomy 26:1–27:13; Luke 9:28–36

The Lord will bless his people with peace. Psalm 29:11 (NKJV)

You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, announcing the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. Acts 10:36 (NIV)

God of certainty and truth—we know that you have promised peace, but sometimes we can’t feel it. We ask that you help us to feel your peace, and to live in ways that carry that peace throughout the world. Amen.

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