Camping and Outdoor Ministries

“Most of our learning today comes from books or such media as television. Most of us live in crowded cities. We ride on concrete streets and highways. We even worship at a fixed time on a fixed day. Because of this we have a special need to discover anew the wonder of God’s creation. We need time for reflection, for prayer, for worship. We need to open our lives to God’s call for commitment, for service. This we find in the environment of a church camp.”
— Bishop George G. Higgins, June 1962

Bishop Higgins’ words from 50 years ago still ring true today. The Moravian Church’s commitment to outdoor ministries offer an escape from the fast-paced world and unique opportunities for spiritual growth in both children and adults.

The Moravian Church in North America hosts four camp and conference centers in the U.S. and Canada.  Each of these facilities offers both summer camping experiences and year-round opportunities to renew relationships with God and grow in faith.

Church Camps

Hope Conference and Renewal Center
Hope, New Jersey
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Van-Es Camp and Conference Centre
Edmonton, Alberta
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Mt. Morris Camp and Conference Center
Wautoma, Wisconsin
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Laurel Ridge – A Moravian Church Camp, Conference, and Retreat Center
Laurel Springs, North Carolina
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