Ministries of the Moravian Church

A strong commitment to a biblical faith inherited from ancient Unitas Fratrum and a zeal for mission work that came with the eighteenth century renewal of the church remain as hallmarks of the Moravian Church today.

Education has always played a vital part in Moravian church life. Moravian schools and some colleges are found in Germany, England and America as well as in mission fields. Strong Christian educational programs are an integral part of each congregation’s life. Camps, conferences and retreats are held in each area of the church for children, youth and adults.

Worship in the Moravian tradition has strong emphasis on a rich musical heritage. Chorales and hymns reflect the staunch faith of the Moravian Church and the creativity of the eighteenth century pietists. The Moravian Music Foundation has uncovered a treasury of early American Moravian music in the church archives and attics of Moravian churches. Trombone choirs or brass bands traditionally play for festivals of the church in many congregations.

The liturgies of the church follow the seasons of the Church Year. The Moravian lovefeast is a service of song with simple sharing of some elements of food. The Christmas Eve candle service and the Easter Dawn worship are annual highlights for congregational worship. A personal devotional guide called The Daily Texts has been published for 270 years.

Mission activity remains a strength of the Moravian Church. Moravian work is found on all major continents except Australia (and the church pioneered mission endeavors on that continent). The worldwide Moravian Unity binds together those areas once known as mission fields with the American, British and Continental (European) provinces. Strong international ties are fostered through the Unity Synod which meets every seven years.

Social reforms have been a continuing concern for the denomination as it has championed the cause of oppressed peoples and has sought for other reforms along with many other religious groups. Care for the aging is evidenced by modern well-equipped homes, which have been established in each region of the church.

Ecumenical cooperation with other faiths is a strong practice of the church. The Moravian Church is a charter member of the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA.

The parish life of each congregation is the mainstay of the Moravian Church. Its churches seek to serve the communities in which they are located with vital programs for children, youth and adults. The church stands ready to be of help to any who would seek its ministry in a needy world.