Moravian Camping in Mid-States

The goal of the Middle States Youth Ministry Council is to ensure that the youth and young adults of Moravian churches in Ohio, lower Michigan, Indiana and Illinois are able to participate in interchurch activities and further their relationships with Christ. We strive to provide appropriate, safe, and challenging programs for participants of all ages.

Each summer, MSYMC brings camping opportunities to youth in the Mid-States region. They use camps in three different areas, each with its own unique fun and activities. To learn more about the 2018 season and register for camp, visit

Camp Illiana
(completed grades 2-6 for Indiana, Illinois)
July 23 – 27, 2018 • Bedford, Ind.
Program Director: Kristin Maucaulay
Camp Director: Kris Hasewinkle

Camp Bethany
(completed grades 2-6 for Ohio, lower Michigan)
Aug. 6-10, 2018 • Camp Bethany, Lakeview, Ohio
Program Directors: The Rev. Jane Gehler, with 
Program Assistant Paul Post
Camp Director: Scott Minor; 
Asst. Director: Kelly Dailey

Tar Hollow (Completed 7th grade-age 21)
July 22 – 28, 2018  • Tar Hollow State Park
Program Director: Justin Rabbach
Camp Director: The Rev. Darryl Bell