Prayer Day for Christian Education, September 9, 2018

The second Sunday in September is designated as a day of prayer for Christian education. The nurture of Christians of all ages in their faith is the responsibility of each congregation. Pray for your congregation’s Christian education program and for the personal growth in faith of each member.

Prayer Day for World Peace and Nuclear Disarmament August 5, 2018

In accordance with legislation enacted at the 1982 Synod of the Northern Province and affirmed by the 1990 Synod, the first Sunday in August has been designated as a day of prayer for world peace and nuclear disarmament.

Prayer Day for Public Education August 28, 2018

Congregations of the Northern Province are asked to observe Public Education Awareness Day on the last Sunday in August.  Prepared liturgies, intercessory prayers for students and all who teach in and administer public schools and sermons at worship may call attention to our responsibility for public education and seek the blessing of God upon these endeavors.

Prayer Day for Church Development, September 16, 2018

The third Sunday in September is the prayer day for church development in the Northern Province. Pray for the new congregations established in our province in recent years as they develop their unity and mission. Support the ongoing development of these new ministries. Pray also for those congregations in the redevelopment process.

Specialized Ministry

Sister Jane Gehler, who has been serving as pastor for Unionville Moravian Church, Unionville, Michigan has accepted the call to Specialized Ministry to serve as Director of Spiritual Care for Marquardt Village, Watertown, Wisconsin. Sister Gehler will begin her new work September 2, 2018.

Board of World Mission

Brother J. Christian Giesler, who has been serving as pastor for Emmaus Moravian Church, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, has accepted the call to serve as Director of Mission Engagement for the Board of World Mission. Brother Giesler will begin his new work September 1, 2018.

Union, New Jersey

Brother Michael Poole, who has been serving as part-time pastor for Battle Hill Moravian Church, Union, New Jersey, concluded his work with the congregation July 31, 2018.

Elizabeth D. Miller

Provincial Elders’ Conference