April 21, 2019: Resurrection and Response

The Resurrection of Our Lord

This day is all about the R word. A capital R. I’m not talking about religion, or rest, or rabbits, or retirement. No, today we proclaim the joyous news of our Lord’s Resurrection. This is the day of Resurrection! The season of Lent and the week of Jesus’ passion are past. We Moravians are known as Easter people. Once again we approach this day with great hopefulness and conviction. We declare that Christ is alive—in our hearts, in our church, and in the world! We celebrate new life found in the Risen Savior.

Another important R word goes hand in hand with Resurrection on this Easter Sunday: Response. The joyful Easter message about Resurrection and new life cries out for us to respond, to speak, to take action, to make a difference in the world. We would never want to keep the news of the Resurrection quiet. This good news is to be shared!

We can soak up the glorious ambiance of this day. We can call it a wonderful day that will come to an end at midnight tonight. Yet we are called to do more. We are invited to step out in faith, trusting in the Lord. We are to follow the example of Mary Magdalene and the other women and go tell others this life-giving news.

When Christ died and rose again, he set loose in the universe a whole new power. As Christians who follow our Risen Lord, we become partakers in that power. Because Jesus lives, we also live. The Resurrection lifts up the power of God’s love for all people. We take this message of faith, love, and hope to a world that so badly needs to hear it.

The Lord Is Risen!

The Lord Is Risen Indeed!

Scott Venable, retired pastor
Winston-Salem, North Carolina