Day of Service: Tell Us How You Served!

Thanks for participating in the Moravian Day of Service 2023.  To share the inspired work achieved during this special day, we want to hear from all of our congregations on how they contributed to the Day of Service.

Sharing on Day of Service

The Moravian Day of Service 2022 is an opportunity to see many Moravians serving their neighborhoods, congregations, and church agencies.  As your church is out and about, share what you’re doing!

If you use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, please tag any of your Day of Service-focused posts with the hashtag #MoravianDayofService. This will allow us to consolidate posts about all the great work happening around the U.S. and Canada in one place.

When you post about your Day of Service activities, please be sure to make your posts public (not just to your friends or followers.)  Also, be sure you have the permission of those involved to share their images.

Reporting on your efforts

We also ask that congregations share their stories, photos, videos, and more directly with us.

The information you share will be used to provide ideas and inspiration for congregations looking to get involved in community mission; to catalog the work being done by our congregations; to help guide future Moravian Days of Service; and for highlighting the work of the Moravian Church online, via the Moravian Magazine and other venues.

Please provide a written overview of your congregation’s work on the Moravian Day of Service. Use these questions as a guideline for describing your effort:

  • Where did you serve?
  • Who did you serve?
  • What need did your mission effort meet?
  • How did you identify what to do?
  • Who led the effort in your congregation?
  • Who helped?
  • What impact did your effort have on your community?
  • How did it strengthen ties to your community?
  • How many people participated?
  • How many hours did your congregation spend on this?
  • What did you learn? What might you do differently in the future?


Please email your Day of Service overview, along with your congregation name, location, and date of service to Chris Giesler ([email protected]) no later than September 30, 2023.

In addition to a written overview, we invite you to share your congregation’s Day of Service activities in other ways.  Photos, videos, audio interviews, artwork…you name it, if you have a way of telling your church’s Day of Service story, we want to see—and hear—it! Please review our guidelines for making a video of your Day of Service activities.

To send us your photos and videos, we recommend using a service called WeTransfer. It allows you to send large files (up to 2GB!), which many e-mail services will not allow through.  To use WeTransfer, visit, select “Take me to Free,” then complete the form by attaching your files; put “[email protected]” and “[email protected]” in the E-mail to field and include your e-mail address and a brief description of what you are sending.  Please be sure to indicate your permission to use and share the images and information you’re providing.

  • Here are some guidelines for making a video of your Day of Service activities.
  • Download photo/video releases here (DOC) (PDF)
  • Interested in including the official Day of Service artwork in your piece? Here are logos in several different formats: Moravian Day of Service Logos: JPEG, PNG, PDF