Unity Women’s Desk: global change through scholarships


How can we change the world? Help a young girl reach her educational goals!

One of the greatest joys of working with the Unity Women’s Desk of the Moravian Church is providing scholarships to young girls and women in all four regions of the Moravian Unity. On her recent trip to Jamaica, Sallie Greenfield was thrilled to personally meet three of our 2018-19 scholarship recipients from the Eastern District of Jamaica and recognize their achievements with a certificate.

Abigail McKensie is the first recipient of a new UWD Nursing Scholarship. Abigail, a member of the Lititz Congregation in Jamaica, is in her second year of studies at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies. Abigail looks forward to using her degree to “encourage and empower girls and young women.” As a midwife or general practitioner, she can be a positive role model “to guide them in the right path and encourage them to make the right decisions.”

Jheanelle Harvey, from New Beulah Congregation in Jamaica, received a scholarship for Upper Sixth Form in Secondary School, where she is focusing on Electrical Engineering. Jheanelle is a dedicated choir member as well, and traveled to South Africa where her choir won a silver award in the World Festival of Choirs. After completing secondary school, she hopes to attend college in Canada. Her motto: “Keep pushing; the sky is the limit.”

Sallie also presented a scholarship award to Kaylia Green, in Form Two, who is involved in Upward and Onward girls’ group in the Moravian Church, as well as the French, Spanish and music clubs. We have also recently awarded a scholarship for Merna Solomon of Antigua to study law at the University of the West Indies.

How does educating women impact the world?

  • If all women completed primary education, there would be 15% fewer child deaths worldwide.
  • A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past age 5.
  • If all girls had a secondary education, 60% fewer girls under 17 would become pregnant.
  • Statistics from womenone.org

Please pray for each of these young women as they continue their studies! The Unity Women’s Desk is currently supporting more than 75 scholarship recipients in all 4 regions of the Unity. In many areas of the Moravian Unity, $50-$100 allows a girl to attend school for one year. Once a girl or woman is awarded a scholarship, our goal is to support them annually until she graduates, as long as she is making good progress. Our scholarships are funded by generous Moravians.

A dedicated network of Moravian women volunteer as Provincial Coordinators in all of our provinces. They help identify promising girls and women and help them complete the application process. Recipients are selected by members of our Advisory Board (currently from Tanzania, Germany, USA and Suriname) after consultation with a volunteer education committee.

If you would like to help us with our scholarship program or other programs, please contact Coordinator Julie Tomberlin, [email protected]. You can also learn more on our website: www.unitywomensdesk.org