August 11, 2019: The Desire of Our Hearts

Festival of August 13

There is a recurrent myth in our world today that suggests our wealth or worldly assets determine our worth, our value. For us as believers in Christ, the opposite is true. Our hearts’ desire is to be useful servants and ambassadors of the love of Christ. Instead of gaining treasure in this life, our purpose is to be “willing vessels” as we live a life of gratitude.

Years ago our ancestors in the faith came together in faithful obedience seeking to experience Christ’s love and become a Community. On this special Sunday (Festival of August 13), we remember the overflowing of the Spirit’s power on the children, women, and men who had given up almost every possession to follow Christ. As they formed a community in what would be called the Moravian Church, they found a vibrant fellowship that allowed them to follow their hearts’ treasure.

In our generation, are we willing to forsake all for the Savior and be a church with renewed vitality and sustainability? If our hearts’ desire is to love Christ and to be Christ to others, then I pray that our answer will be YES! Our churches, fellowships, ministries, and emerging communities will become vital connections where the Holy Spirit is felt, seen, and experienced in ever-widening circles of compassion and energetic outreach.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Perhaps the great calling of our age is to reclaim a reforming understanding of our forebears’ tenacity, commitment, and humility. In faithful obedience to our Chief Elder, we can embrace the Spirit’s power in our time and place in history. For in our life together, there is always time for renewal.

David Merritt, retired pastor
Winston-Salem, North Carolina