Moravian Magazine Back Issues: 2015

December 2015

In this issue: Making bold choices; bringing a brother home; scenes of Christmas; and more!

  • Painting captures moment in history of Graceham Moravian Church
  • Scarecrows demonstrate Waconia Moravian core value
  • Session encourages Moravians to make bold choices for Christ
  • Sharing reflections on mission in Peru
  • Special Section: Blessed to Be a Blessing: Gifts of Change
  • Northern and Southern Provinces meet jointly for annual discussions
  • After 60 years, a bishop’s brother returns home
  • 15 years of following our Shepherd into full communion
  • Ponderings: When Linus shares the true meaning of Christmas
  • Studying Moravian Doctrine: Covenant for Christian Living, Part X
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • 2015 Index of The Moravian

November 2015

In this issue: A meeting of bishops; Moravian Open Door; a spirit-filled girls’ weekend, and more!

  • Northern and Southern Province bishops meet for discussions on our church
  • Moravian Open Door continues assistance in NYC
  • Illustrating the Healthy Congregation ideal for the Northern Province
  • You are God’s Masterpiece—A Tale of Two Weekends
  • A Time of Sifting: Mystical Marriage and the Crisis of Moravian Piety in the Eighteenth Century
  • Calgary Moravians entertain with biblical musical
  • Orphan care in the city of Tabora
  • Assisting Syrian refugees
  • Ponderings
  • Studying Moravian Doctrine: Covenant for Christian Living, Part IX
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Statistics of the Moravian Church Northern and Southern Provinces

October 2015

In this issue: Christian Education, Discerning Mission at FIT First, Movement for Peace Moravian, and more!

  • Beth Hayes named Educator of the Year 2016
  • Becoming “New to the Pew”!
  • Jump into Bible stories with Godly Play
  • Centenarian continues to educate about God and the Bible
  • Moravian Children’s Festival and Lovefeast
  • FIT First event helps youth discern—and act on—their call to mission
  • Notes from Nepal: Preschool overcomes quake-related obstacles
  • Alaskans welcome the arrival of Bibles in the Yup’ik language
  • Taking our heritage to the street
  • Peace Moravian Church on the move
  • Healthy Congregations: A story from the field
  • Ponderings: Event points to a bright future
  • Studying Moravian Doctrine: Moravian Covenant for Christian Living, Part VIII
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News

September 2015

In this issue: Commemorating Jan Hus 2015, Southern Province Conversations, Spiritual Formation, Healthy Congregations and more!

  • A tour to remember the life of Jan Hus
  • Finding our Moravian roots: a Convo participant’s perspective
  • Churches commemorate Hus’ life and martyrdom in many ways
  • A service of celebration at Home
  • Passion for God, compassion for people and a willingness to get out of God’s way
  • Fostering respectful conversation about homosexuality in the church
  • Building up congregational health
  • Ponderings: An overwhelming sense of place
  • Studying Moravian Doctrine: Moravian Covenant for Christian Living, Part VII
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News; Obituary: Mrs. Otto Dreydoppel

July/August 2015

In this issue: The Moravian Women’s Conference, Moravian Theological Seminary Commencement, Emerging Ministries, and more!

  • Lancaster Moravian: Our mission to others is transforming us
  • “The trick will be…” Bringing the Tricklebee ministry to life
  • Conference offers spiritual renewal for women around the world
  • Moravian Theological Seminary Commencement 2015: Historic institution embraces new traditions
  • Sharon Moravian celebrates 200 years of service in Ohio
  • Groundbreaking celebration marks start of a new phase at Marquardt Village
  • New Unity Women’s Desk Loan Fund named for caring Moravians
  • Moravian settlement in Denmark named to UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Ponderings: A Conversation with Ed
  • Studying Moravian Doctrine: Moravian Covenant for Christian Living, Part VI
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituary: The Rev. Lorenz W. Adam

June 2015

In this issue: Moravians in Nepal; Who Was John Hus? Schoenbrunn and Zeisberger; Southern Moravians in the Civil War; Moravian Leadership Network; and more!

  • Country’s oldest bookshop to open a second location
  • Earthquake shakes the ground, but not the faith of Moravians in Nepal
  • Who is Jan Hus to today’s Czechs?
  • Two young Moravians find their voices at Christian Citizenship Seminar
  • Strengthening the ranks of Moravian leaders
  • Schoenbrunn: Honoring the legacy of an amazing Moravian missionary
  • “A Storm in the Land”: Southern Moravians in the Civil War
  • Ponderings: Fifty issues and counting…
  • Studying Moravian Doctrine: Moravian Covenant for Christian Living, Part V
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituary: Sister Hazel Marie Cox Stelter

May 2015

In this issue: A growing ministry in Peru; sheltering the homeless; seeking peace in the Middle East; plus our annual Special Feature on Moravian Camping Ministries.

  • A commitment to camping
  • Thinking about summer at Laurel Ridge
  • Mid-States Camping changes hearts
  • Camp Van-Es to light Hearts on Fire at 2015 camp
  • Western District 2015 Camps offer opportunities for youth of all ages
  • Camp Hope readies busy season of fun and faith
  • Helping Camp Hope by selling and stitching
  • Experiencing a growing faith in Peru
  • Prayers for Middle East Peace
  • Sunday School Class shows it’s “all about deeds” with work at Overflow Shelter
  • Bethlehem Group helps shelter homeless during harsh winter months
  • North Dakota Moravians honor a returning solider with special service
  • Moravian Covenant for Christian Living, Part IV: Love, Unity and Diversity, and Settling Differences
  • Ponderings: Taking the longer way home
  • Time Travel: Turning Back Pages: May 1965
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News; Obituary, The Rev. R. Donald Winters

April 2015

In this issue: Moravians in Minnesota, training leaders in Alaska, the Unity Committee on Theology, plus the Board of World Mission 2014 Annual Report

  • Unity Committee on Theology meets to study church and doctrine
  • Addressing the need for trained leaders in Alaska
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: 2014 Board of World Mission Annual Report
  • Excitement builds for June’s International Moravian Women’s Conference
  • Minnesota Moravians making a difference in the Twin Cities
  • Moravian Covenant for Christian Living, Part III
  • Ponderings: A front-row seat to Moravians in Mission
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Turning Back Pages: April 1990

March 2015

In this issue: Christ’s Community Church heeds God’s call to feed children; commemorating John Hus; Easter Sunrise service; worldwide missions and more!

  • John Hus and the Moravian Church
  • Christ’s Community Church heeds God’s call to feed local children
  • In Tanzania, a community completes their church and joins Adopt-a-Village
  • Moravian medical work in Nicaragua
  • The Easter Morning Liturgy
  • Technology amplifies and shares the glory of the resurrection
  • Sunnyside Ministry thanks Tommy Cole for leadership and progress
  • Moravian Covenant for Christian Living, Part II
  • Ponderings: Recording a milestone year with the Daily Texts
  • Turning Back the Pages: March 1990 issue
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituaries: The Rev. Joseph Daniel Conrad, Sister Violet Emma Stelter Befus

January/February 2015

In this issue: Returning to Sierra Leone, studying Moravian doctrine, uncovering the FIrst Moravian House, missions and youth, and more!

  • Students participate in new Chicago urban mission
  • Sierra Leone: God’s call to return
  • Planning visit reveals much about our Czech and Polish counterparts
  • Archaeologists uncover the First House of Nazareth (Pennsylvania)
  • A new series: Studying Moravian Doctrine
  • Youth and Young Adult Retreats: “It’s all about the relationships and being accepted for who I am”
  • BCM resource highlights what it means to be “Simply Moravian”
  • Ponderings: Identifying my spiritual gifts
  • Time Travel: Back in time with The Moravian
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituary: The Rev. George R. Scilley