Moravian Magazine Back Issues: 2017

Issue 9 2017

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  • Let Our Lights So Shine
  • Morning Star, O Cheering Sight
  • Larger Life Foundation enriches college-community connection
  • Thanks for the memories…
  • Churches come together to build “Welcome Kits” for Puerto Rican families
  • Christmas from Carolina to the Caribbean
  • Comenius Learning Series lecture highlights leadership and contributions of early Moravian women
  • Book Review: Speaking to Body and Soul by Katherine Faull
  • Ponderings
  • Confessing Our Unity in Christ: Ground of the Unity
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Statistics of the Moravian Church Northern & Southern Provinces

Issue 8 2017

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  • Board of World Mission takes on hurricane relief
  • Blessed to Be a Blessing: Gifts of Change
  • Cherokee Nation official tours Southern Province Archives in support of publication work
  • Laurel Ridge looks back on season of love
  • Intercessions for Times of Crisis
  • On writing a “new” memorial hymn
  • Home Church youth learn community gardening with gourds
  • My crystal ball shows the beauty of the present
  • Obituary: The Rt. Rev. Edwin Sawyer
  • Confessing Our Unity in Christ: 1957
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituary: The Rev. Christian D. Weber
  • Justin Rabbach named Board of World Mission executive director

Issue 7 2017

  • Starting the day with coffee, a journal and the Daily Texts
  • Donor Advised Fund helps family see hope in sadness
  • Mission Meals: A cook-at-home way to support mission grants
  • Building bridges to overcome hate
  • Spiritual Companioning: Finding strength and a deeper relationship with God
  • Handmade carts make Lovefeasts easier
  • Bulletin writings bring a new Moravian inspiration every week
  • Ponderings: “Hear them as a message to us…”
  • Confessing Our Unity in Christ (continued)
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituaries: Sister Judy Kaaua, Mrs. Grace Dittmer

August 2017

  • Unique partnership helps ministry feed the community
  • Are we hiding behind our music? An eyewitness account of events at Charlottesville
  • Festival celebrates spirit and joy of Moravian music
  • “Standing with Our Sisters” Southern Province kicks-off campaign for the Unity Women’s Desk
  • Ministry in Sierra Leone continues to grow
  • Adopt-a-Village updates from Tanzania
  • Ponderings: A whole week of Moravian Music
  • Confessing Our Unity in Christ: Studying the historical and theological background to The Ground of the Unity
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituary: The Rev. Eric J. Schulze

June/July 2017

  • Seminary Commencement begins new chapter in spiritual lives
  • Living Branches: A new resource for teaching Moravian heritage
  • Members focus on spiritual direction at meeting of Northern and Southern PECs
  • Conference shares ways to Age Well
  • Salemtowne celebrates opening of Babcock Health Center
  • A walk through Holy Week on the USA-Mexico border
  • Larger Life Foundation makes more Moravian camping possible
  • Children’s Festival and Lovefeast coming August 20
  • Ponderings: Daily Texts: Looking Forward, Looking Back
  • Board of World Mission seeks new executive director
  • Ministry continues spreading friendship and care with lambs
  • Confessing Our Unity in Christ: Studying the historical and theological background to The Ground of the Unity
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News

May 2017

  • “Close your eyes and think about your time at Camp Hope…”
  • Laurel Ridge focuses on love for 2017 season
  • Tar Hollow says, “Asante Mungu”
  • Western District Camping shares “Piece by Peace” theme
  • Mt. Morris expansion aims to enhance its ability to serve
  • Camp Van Es: teaching what makes us feel Alive in Christ
  • Hope Quilters celebrate 25th anniversary with a big challenge
  • Seminary honors outstanding graduates
  • Lehigh Valley Clergy host special service to “welcome the stranger”
  • Sunnyside Ministry program helps student focus her future
  • Veedum Moravian celebrates a century of service
  • Ponderings: A comic about food
  • Moravian Doctrine: Zinzendorf and Moravian Theology
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituaries

April 2017

  • Board of World Mission Annual Report
  • Congregation tries new tradition with “Saturday before Easter” rounds
  • Unity Women’s Desk launches Southern Province campaign
  • Ohio church offers “rural immersion” mission/service experience
  • Festival to bring together many for Moravian music
  • Ponderings: Documenting the work of Moravians in mission
  • Moravian Doctrine: Confessing Our Unity in Christ, Part 2
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituaries

March 2017

  • Inter-Synodal gathering generates ideas, excitement for tomorrow
  • Come & Worship team “Goes & Serves” in Peru
  • Moravian Unity Mission Conference: Giving heed to God’s call
  • The making of an Easter Putz
  • Exploring a potential new Moravian music resource
  • Seminary students learn of life and history in Jamaica
  • Making a positive impact on women and girls around the world
  • Gift Legacy: Remembering congregations and agencies in estate plans
  • Confessing Our Unity in Christ: Studying the historical and theological background to The Ground of the Unity
  • Ponderings: A hymn makes for a happier birthday
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News

Jan/Feb 2017

  • I hear you knocking
  • Sharing gifts with a growing church in Albania
  • Mission team connects with more than 100 Cuban youth and young adults
  • Filling the freezer to feed those in need
  • Fairview outreach offers appreciation for Winston-Salem police
  • Morning Star Campaign Services: building cultures of generosity and gratitude
  • Ponderings: Thanks for the prayers
  • Moravian Daily Texts: 62 languages and counting
  • Studying Moravian Doctrine: Ground of the Unity, Part VIII
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Youth Convo heads to Washington, D.C.