Moravian Magazine Back Issues: 2018

Issue 8 2018

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  • Czech leaders celebrate 100th anniversary with tree planting at Moravian College
  • Festival celebrates brass music from across the Unity
  • Irene (the musical) sets sail…despite a hurricane!
  • Ministries Foundation offers Socially-Responsible Investing options
  • Eastern District youth “Rise Up, Speak Up, Help Up” at 2018 Rally
  • Invitation to the table for worship
  • Food and Worship with Joy
  • My kingdom is not from this world
  • Ponderings: A new look for Moravians online
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituaries: The Rev. Dr. Richard Isaac Shamel, The Rev. Raymond E. Schultz
  • Statistics of the Moravian Church, Northern and Southern Provinces

Issue 7 2018

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  • Four simple shifts to strengthen stewardship
  • Moravian Disaster Response works to heal hurricane woes
  • Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World
  • The Invisible Congregant: The church’s relationship with mental illness
  • New ways to sing, “Alleluia”
  • “For the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve…”
  • Ponderings: Hearing God in my playlist
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituaries: The Rev. Theodore E. Wilde, The Rev. James A. Parker, Mrs. Leslie McKoy

Issue 6 2018
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  • The 2018 Graduates of Moravian Theological Seminary
  • Sixth Bethlehem Conference on Moravian History & Music coming Oct. 11-13
  • Volunteering at Moravian Open Door
  • Service consecrates Tom Shelton as Bishop of the Moravian Unity
  • Worship as an emotional journey
  • Adopt-a-Village: Tabor orphans create new businesses
  • “Whoever gives you a cup of water to drink…”
  • Ponderings: On volunteer tomatoes
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituaries: The Rev. William B. Kerner, Jr., The Rev. Steadman Bent

June/July 2018

  • Northern Province Moravians “Gather, Grow and Go” at 2018 Synod
  • Northern Province Synod legislation leads church forward
  • Northern Province finalizes full communion with United Methodist Church
  • Northern Province elects new leadership
  • “Irene”—the ship sails again!
  • Southern Province consecrates its first woman bishop
  • Sharing a lovefeast with Presbyterian educators
  • Crossroads: The intersection of your life and God’s ministry
  • Ponderings: Finding time for contemplation
  • Become a part of “Create in Me”
  • Moravian Writings: “I am the bread of life”
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News

May 2018

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  • Northern Province Synod prepares to gather, grow and go
  • Southern Province Synod charts courageous path forward
  • Southern Province elects two new bishops
  • Southern Province approves full communion with United Methodist Church
  • Southern Province elects new leadership
  • Laurel Ridge: A season of growing and learning
  • Doing Mission at Camp Hope
  • Crossroads: Traveling the Journey of Faith
  • Summer at Cam Van Es/Moravian Camping in Mid-States
  • Worship is like gardening
  • Poetry as a source of liturgy
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News

April 2018

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  • Board of World Mission Annual Report
  • Winston-Salem to host Unity Brass Festival in July
  • 365 day—1,700 hats!
  • My journey towards sharing my music
  • Exploring “I Search for You, Lord”
  • Using “I Search for You, Lord” in worship
  • Ponderings: “The Lord is risen, indeed!”
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News

March 2018

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  • Southern Province prepares to “Live the Essentials with Courage for the Future”
  • 13th Moravian Women’s Conference set for June 20-23, 2019
  • Campaign helps Unity Women’s Desk do more
  • Moravian Church consecrates first Cuban bishop
  • Cuban Camping Ministry continues to grow
  • Board of World Mission seeks Director of Mission Engagement
  • Embodying poetry in a prose world
  • Exploring “By Galilee”
  • Messages for Palm Sunday
  • Ponderings: On recognizing light
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News
  • Obituary: Sister Ruth Behrend

Jan/Feb 2018

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  • “Box” provides blessing to Winston-Salem neighborhood
  • Unity Mission Conference brings together Moravians from around the globe
  • Reflections from the Unity Mission Conference
  • Bringing healing and faith in Honduras
  • About Clìnica Evangèlica Morava
  • “Create in Me…” Report and recommendations from the New Moravian Worship Resource Exploration Committee
  • Introducing the “Create in Me” monthly feature
  • Using Hymn 69 in worship
  • Messages on the Transfiguration, Mark 9:2-9
  • Ponderings: Daily mail brings the yesterday to today
  • Official Provincial Elders’ News