February 23, 2020: In a Fog

Last Sunday after the Epiphany
Transfiguration of Our Lord

From time to time, when we are overwhelmed
with grief or stress or the busyness of life
when someone asks us, “How are you doing?”
our only response is to simply say, “I’m in a fog.”

The disciples were literally in a fog that day;
they could barely see the nose in front of their face.
Behind, in front, above, around, everywhere
“The bright cloud covered them” (Matthew 17:5).

What must’ve they thought would happen next?
Did they reach for Jesus? For one another?
Did they stand as I would’ve, frozen and too scared to move?
Nowhere to go, nothing to do to overcome their present

And then from the cloud came a voice:
Behind, in front, above, around, everywhere.
“I love my Son. I am pleased with my Son. Listen to my Son”
(Matt. 17:5).
Then the disciples knew what to do: hit the ground.

When the answer comes, it can be terrifying.
When the fog lifts, we can find ourselves face down.
When the challenge greets us, it can feel like too much.
But when we look up, we will see Jesus (Matt. 17:8).

In the very center of our fog can come an answer.
Will we dare to walk into the cloud?
Will we risk the patient waiting that will reveal some things now
and other things much, much later? (Matt. 17:9)

Jason Andersen, pastor, Christian Faith Moravian Church,
DeForest, Wisconsin