Put your sewing skills to work making face masks

Castleton Hill Moravian Church is calling all sewers to help with a vital project: making CDC compliant face mask for distribution in their communities!  The Rev. Lance Fox, pastor at Castleton Hill on Staten Island in New York shared this:

Project Description: The goal of Masks for All is to provide CDC compliant face masks to members of the public, to help protect them from and stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  The masks involved are not medical-grade masks, to be used in hospitals or by emergency workers; they are masks intended for everyday people, who must break quarantine to run household errands, commute to work, and so on.

Who do we need to help?  We’re looking for church people who know how to sew—preferably those who have their own sewing machine.  We’re asking sewing people to make homemade face masks.

How do I make these masks?  Below you will find a great pattern for making face masks.  We should note that there are several DIY face masks designs on the Internet.  Which one you eventually choose is up to you, but if you do not use the pattern we provide, we strongly recommend that you choose a pattern that gives the most protection possible.

How do I get the material?  And how do I get reimbursed?  It’s up to you to procure the materials you need for these masks.  They can be any color and any pattern.  In fact, we think bright colors and fun patterns could really brighten people’s hearts!  Materials can be ordered from the Internet and delivered directly to you.  If you can venture out in public, you should still be able find material in your favorite local fabric store.  If you need help covering the costs of making masks, just send copies of your receipts to Castleton Hill Moravian Church ([email protected]).  We have funds to help pay for any materials you purchase.

Where do I send the finished masks?  What you do with your masks is entirely up to you!  If you would like to help us out, here in New York City, we can use as many masks as people can send us.  However, we will be just as happy if you want to distribute them in your community!  Ask your pastor if people in your congregation need face masks.  Or look into any nursing homes that might use them.  Or maybe there are other places to hand them out—use your imagination.  The idea is that, the more people who can protect themselves, the healthier we all will be!

Don’t Forget to Pray!  Our communities and churches all need prayer, right now.  We’ll be praying for you, as you help us serve the people of God.  Please pray for us, too!

For more information, please contact:

Castleton Hill Moravian Church
[email protected]

For complete guidelines and instructions, download this PDF


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