Share your story!

glasses, pen and paper

During the spring and summer of 2020, we’ve seen an astounding variety of creative, caring, spirit-filled efforts from Moravians across the U.S. and Canada.  Online worship and outreach, feeding those in need, caring for and supporting those on the front lines, standing up against injustices and reimagining our church lives are just a few of the ways Moravians have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest in our country.

Now, it’s time to tell your story. On and in our upcoming issues of The Moravian Magazine, we want to share the story of how you, your congregations, your families and your communities have responded during the first half of 2020.  We’re looking for articles, images and reflections that celebrate and honor Moravian efforts both big and small, while sharing ideas and best practices with others.

To learn more about how to share your story, visit this page for submission guidelines and contact information.


Photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash