A new take on mission camp

people serving during COVID

When it was evident that Laurel Ridge Mission Camp would not resume this summer, Hope Moravian Mission team came up with a plan. Why not do a socially distanced, safe, local alternative this year? As an idea, it needed to grow and develop… and it did!

During the first week of August, we were able to work with a local ministry in Winston-Salem called City Lights. This ministry focuses on bringing food, clothing, school supplies, VBS alternatives and the Good News to people where they are. Instead of children and youth coming to them, they bring the resources to them. In addition, they provide beds, complete with mattresses and bed clothes, to children who need a safe harbor in their homes.

Hope’s Mission Team tackled several tasks during a two day blitz. Local team leader, Bradd Craver, along with Bishop Sam Gray and Pastor David, provided the theme of “Reconciliation and Being One in Christ, Our Peace and Our Unity.” We cleaned, arranged shelving, moved supplies, organized the kitchen area, mowed and provided much needed energy to this vital ministry. We also assisted staff in the delivery of food and furniture in Winston-Salem, where needs often outweigh resources.

We spent one morning purchasing over 300 pounds of food for Sunnyside Ministry in Winston-Salem. Over the spring and summer, we have donated close to 4,000 pounds of food items along with fresh produce and household items.

Even though we were unable to travel to our Mission Camp at Laurel Ridge, we brought a little of that mountain spirit to Winston-Salem. This is our eleventh year of sharing the love of Christ through our love in action, as those who see service as more than a catch phrase.

Even though these are extraordinary times we find hope in bridging the gap between people by our acts of charity, a listening ear and through the simple truth of living one’s faith. Thanks to the support of our church, our families and our community, Hope Moravian Mission Team looks forward to our ongoing mission either at Laurel Ridge or at home here in the Piedmont of North Carolina.  n

The Rev. David Merritt is interim pastor of Hope Moravian Church in Winston-Salem.