Ponderings: Signs of hope and strength

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As we continue to live through the challenges brought on by this historic pandemic, it can be difficult to feel optimistic for the future of our country and our church.  While I share that lack of optimism some days, one of the great things about my role as editor of The Moravian Magazine is that I’m constantly seeing signs of hope and strength. 

In this issue, you’ll meet Moravians that are working to make a difference in their churches and communities during this difficult time. Like the members of Lancaster Moravian Church who are helping to feed their community…the staff at Moravian Open Door, working to ensure their residents are safe and cared for…the mission team at Hope Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, who found a way to bring their mission work closer to home…and the Ohio churches who reimagined Vacation Bible School this summer.

You’ll also see how ministries and agencies within the church continue to connect with Moravians who are physically distant. Like the Southern Province Board of Cooperative Ministries and their collection of spiritual resources called The Moravian Experience…the Moravian Church Without Walls team and their weekly virtual services…and the Moravian Ministries Foundation’s efforts helping us think about responding to difficulty with joy.

You’ll learn more about efforts to record the past and prepare for the future, with articles from our Moravian Archives and their thoughts on collecting the history of today and the team of Moravians from across the church building plans for a very different Christmas.

And in the article starting at your right, you’ll read how one church member is bringing meaningful, inspirational new hymns to our Moravian worship.

Now I know there are many in our congregations, communities and the country as a whole who are really struggling during this extraordinary year. These are difficult times that require caring, prayer, faith and action to overcome. I don’t want to sugarcoat the challenges we all face. But I’m hopeful that reading this and upcoming issues of the magazine will help you see the faith, love and hope that Moravians are displaying makes a difference in our world.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.  I do want to thank those who commented on some of my design choices with the last issue. Feedback is helpful; after four years of handling the design of the magazine, I’m still trying new things – and occasionally missing the mark on a story or two – when creating an inviting, readable publication. 


Mike Riess, editor