January 6, 2021: A prayer for the United States

Dear church,

I write to you, on my knees, inviting you to join me in prayer for the welfare of the United States of America and democracy itself as the Capitol Building in Washington, DC has been stormed by supporters of Donald Trump.  I am aware that events are still unfolding and there is much yet to be learned. I do not want to wait, however, to offer prayer.

From the Liturgy “Intercessions in Time of Crisis” from Moravian Book of Worship:

God of mercy, God of comfort, we come before you in this time of difficulty, mindful of human frailty and need, confused and struggling to find meaning in the face of suffering.

Where tempers flare and a partisan spirit provokes new hostility, raise up people who have patience and restraint.

Where indifference allows crisis to deepen and suffering to go without relief, awaken deliverers who have zeal and strength.

We pray for those who are engaged in making important decisions in this time, for those who report on these events, and for those who shape public opinion.

Direct all governments in the way of peace and justice, that your will may be known and done among the nations. Deliver us from the sins which lead to war and conflict, and strengthen within us the will to establish righteousness and justice on the earth.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer. On this day of Epiphany we desperately seek the light of Christ to be made ever more visible to us all.


With fervent hope,

Betsy Miller

President, Moravian Church Northern Province