offers Advent and Christmas resources

With the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Advent and Christmas celebrations in Moravian congregations will be very different this year. An interprovincial group of Moravians have worked since late August to assemble resources, information and opportunities to help congregations – and members – plan and celebrate the Advent and Christmas season.

To bring you those resources, we introduce provides a central location to find resources including:

  • Music, liturgies, images, video and other resources for congregations in developing their worship and fellowship opportunities
  • Family at-home resources for spiritual formation, development and fun
  • Streaming video and online events for celebration and reflection
  • Ideas for outdoor and “offline” events
  • Materials for “Blue Christmas” worship to care for those struggling during the Christmas season

This website is under constant development; we are adding new material to every day. Now available are liturgy resources for Advent and Christmas, audio recordings of Advent hymns, ideas for Advent/Christmas pageants, Moravian-themed images, and more.

This year offers an opportunity to re-think and re-imagine many of our long-standing Christmas traditions. On one hand, we share a strong desire to continue the Christmas traditions we know and love. On the other, we can create new approaches to celebrating these holidays rising from our pandemic-caused limitations. Developing ways to meet both needs will help make this year special. And we hope will help.

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