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Recognizing the challenges to planning and celebrating Advent and Christmas celebrations brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, an interprovincial group of Moravians assembled resources, information and opportunities for the 2020 season. While 2021 may offer more opportunities for in-person worship, we know those resources are still necessary.  To bring you those materials, we continue to offer

The website provides a central location to find resources including:

  • Music, liturgies, images, video and other resources for congregations in developing their worship and fellowship opportunities
  • Family at-home resources for spiritual formation, development and fun
  • Streaming video and online events for celebration and reflection
  • Ideas for outdoor and “offline” events
  • and more!

The website has been updated for 2021; liturgy resources for Advent and Christmas, audio recordings of Advent hymns, ideas for Advent/Christmas pageants, Moravian-themed images, and much more is now available.

This year offers an opportunity to re-think and re-imagine many of our long-standing Christmas traditions. On one hand, we share a strong desire to continue the Christmas traditions we know and love. On the other, we can create new approaches to celebrating these holidays rising from our pandemic-caused limitations. Developing ways to meet both needs will help make this year special. And we hope will help.

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