January 16, 2022: More Than We Expect

Second Sunday after the Epiphany

More Than We Expect

The work of Jesus at this wedding in the town of Cana (John 2:1-11) is called the first of Jesus’ signs that reveal his glory.

The previous chapter (John 1) tells us that the Word, whom we know in Jesus, has become flesh and lived among humans, giving us grace and truth. After being baptized by John, Jesus calls some disciples. Then comes this wedding in Cana. Here Jesus sets the tone for his whole ministry.

God gives us far more than we expect. Nobody at the Cana wedding expected the best wine to be served last. The Gospel of John is filled with grace-filled stories of this God whose generosity surprises us.

Most human stories about God—even some we tell as Christians—picture God as an angry boss who is out to get us.

Jesus lives a different story about God. God wants to give us life that is so far beyond what we expect that it is like being born again (John 3). It is like drinking water that really satisfies our thirst (John 4). It is like feasting on the finest bread (John 6). It is like being sheep with a faithful, dependable shepherd (John 10).

God is even willing to wait on us like a servant (John 13). God is ready to forgive us when, like Peter, we let God down (John 21). When enemies try to get rid of him, Jesus does not strike back. Rather, Jesus, still bearing his wounds, returns with new life and gives his Spirit to those who venture to follow him (John 20).

We are not God. We are mortal, fallible creatures. But God forever loves us and invites us to a full life as God’s friends (John 15).

Hermann Weinlick, retired pastor
Minneapolis, Minnesota