March 13, 2022: Moving into the New Way

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Second Sunday in Lent

Moving into the New Way

“There is a time and place.” How often have we used that phrase to avoid a conversation that has the potential to open our eyes to God’s work in the world? Jesus is approached by Pharisees, who are getting tired of Jesus doing things differently. I imagine they are saying things like “The problem is too big,” “We already tried that,” and “We’ve always done it this way.”

They are used to leading the way for God’s people; then Jesus just starts inviting people into a new Way! One that disrupts the status quo and is disorienting and at times terribly uncomfortable. Like most human beings they prefer the known system, even when they know it isn’t working at its best, because it seems easier in the short term than fundamental changes that could address the larger issues they are facing.

Lent provides a time and a place for us to wonder. When we choose to engage in contemplation of our way of being in conversation with Jesus’ teachings, we will all find that there are opportunities for us to grow, that is, to change. Change always comes with some amount of adjustment. Do you remember the last time you instituted a new habit or decided to take a different route to work? You probably had to think about it every day, to do it with intention, in order to get into the new rhythm.

Choose something. Make this the time and place of your renewed commitment to justice, Bible study, sharing your experience of faith, and other ways of following Jesus. However, you are being called into growth with Jesus, make space in your life to consider what has been and to set intentions for what you believe God is calling into being. As we take individual steps of faith within community, we can encourage, support, and sustain one another in our commitment to Jesus. No matter where we start, God is calling us to keep moving forward with faith, love, and hope.

Rebecca Craver, Director of Congregational Development
Moravian Church, Southern Province