Revisit our 2021 Interprovincial Ash Wednesday Service

To mark Ash Wednesday, we offer a replay of an insightful service from 2021.  

Last year, when many of our congregations were not holding in-person services due to COVID-19, an interprovincial group came together to celebrate an online Interprovincial Ash Wednesday Service to begin the Lenten time of preparation and reflection.

This worship service invites participants to consider making a Lenten commitment and to remember the promise of baptism. In this service, which remains impactful and relevant a year later, we choose to focus on God’s movement in us that helps us to grow and be prepared for new life through the power of the resurrection. This worship opportunity was led the Rev. Beth Rohn-Habegger of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., joined by pastors from both the Northern and Southern Provinces throughout the service.

In preparation for the watching the service, please prepare a small bowl or cup of water, and think about what kind of commitment you would like to make as part of your observance of Lent. For example, your commitment might be to call a friend each week, or write notes to people who are living in care facilities, or add 10 minutes to your devotional time each day. There will be an opportunity to share our commitments with each other and to use the water as a reminder of the Grace of God especially as it connects to the practice of baptism.

We hope you find this service meaningful today, too.