Northern, Southern Province Racial Justice teams plan combined series

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NOTE: Registration extended through May 6, 2022; see below for more information.

The Southern Province Moravian Team for Racial, Cultural, and Ethnic Reconciliation (MTR), formed in 2007, and reorganized in 2018, and the Northern Province Racial Justice Team (RJT) organized in 2019, following legislation passed at the 2018 Synod of the Northern Province regarding the Elimination of Racism, have been meeting together quarterly since January 2021, to share reports on their work for racial justice and healing, and to explore possibilities for collaboration.

The MRT and RJT are pleased to announce their first jointly sponsored event, the educational series, “The Road to Racial Justice,” created and led by Dr. Timothy Berry of the Waconia, MN congregation. The series will be offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, May 9, 10 and 12, 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET. The series will include time for conversation in small groups and is open to everyone in the Northern and Southern Provinces.

Dr. Timothy Berry is an educator, composer and performing artist. He is Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Equity Initiatives at Minnesota State University Mankato. He holds a Master of Music Education degree with an emphasis in multicultural music from The University of Minnesota. Dr. Berry is an award-winning composer and has edited and published interdisciplinary curriculum. He frequently speaks at schools, universities, conferences, businesses and churches to share his insights and research surrounding race literacy, organizational transformation and antiracism.  

Dr. Berry’s seminar, The Road to Racial Equity and Social Justice: A Pathway for Systemic Transformation engages participants in a comprehensive approach to learn about the social constructs of race. This seminar will enhance an individual’s or congregation’s ability to identify and address inequities in communities. Participants will learn the skills and language necessary to:

  • explore their own racial literacy.
  • examine race as a mediating factor for social justice.
  • recognize how critical race perspectives can influence racial equity.
  • distinguish the complexities of race, culture and diversity.
  • work in teams to understand action research processes toward building a better working and living environment for all people.

Registrations for this engaging series are due by May 6, 2022. To register, e-mail [email protected] and provide your name and preferred e-mail address.

The Southern Province MTR’s recent work includes the creation of “Salem Walks,” a historical pilgrimage in Salem recounting what is known of the lives of three enslaved persons. Salem Walks were conducted in August and November 2021, March 2022, and are planned for other dates in 2022. They have been developed primarily for Moravians but are open to others as well. For resources from the MTR visit

The Northern Province RJT is currently planning for a clergy pilgrimage to Montgomery, Alabama, to be held September 13-16, 2022; and has offered three “New Way of Being” series with personal stories, presentations, and opportunities for conversations on race and racism; and skills and resources for individuals and congregations to plan their “next steps” in the work of racial justice and healing. These series were recorded and are available with other resources at

The Southern Province held its 2020 clergy retreat online and extended an invitation to Northern Province clergy to attend the gathering with special guest Dr. David Hooker, who will be the guide for an upcoming retreat for the RJT. Several clergy serving in the Southern Province will take part in the Northern Province’s clergy Pilgrimage toward Racial Justice and Healing to Montgomery, AL in September.

For additional resources or information, please contact Rev. Sue Koenig, Director of Racial Justice and Healing for the Northern Province at [email protected]; or Betsy Bombick, Moravian Team for Racial, Cultural and Ethnic Reconciliation at [email protected].

Members of the Northern Province RJT are Marian Boyle Rohloff, Mark Breland, Nasel Ephraim, Amy Gohdes-Luhman, Desna Henry Goulbourne, Sue Koenig, Betsy Miller, Bruce Nelson, Rhonda Robinson and Bevon White

Members of the Southern Province MRT are Adreanne Belle, Don Belle, Betsy Bombick, Evette Campbell, Frank Crouch, John Jackman, Judy Knopf, Barbara Morris, Brenda Peoples, Angelica Regalado-Cieza, Neil Routh, Tina Spach and Madi White.

The Rev. Sue Koenig is director of racial justice and healing for the Moravian Church Northern Province.