June 12, 2022: Too Much Information

haze in a meadow

Trinity Sunday

Too Much Information

Jesus had a limited amount of time to convey to his disciples the way that God intends for the world to work. He taught them through his words, and especially through his actions. But Jesus knew that, even after his disciples had followed him for two-plus years, they still needed more information to understand their responsibilities as citizens of God’s kingdom.

Even today, our human understanding doesn’t allow us to comprehend what it really means to be followers of Christ. Especially in this century, there is a dizzying amount of information (and opinion) that tries to influence our beliefs. We now have electronic media, social networking, different politicians and preachers—each proclaiming their own understanding of truth.

Sometimes even reputable news networks leave us not really knowing what’s happening in the world. It’s easy to follow the most recent or most popular information trends, but these may mislead us, or change the day after tomorrow—leaving us confused and frustrated once again.

However, as followers of Christ, we have been given access to all the information we really need. We have, in the New Testament, the record of Jesus’ words and his ministry. And we have the gift that Jesus has promised to us: when our lives are centered on Christ, the Holy Spirit is there to guide us—even when we’re not aware of the Spirit’s presence.

When we’re confused about what action to take, or whose information to believe, we have to remember to check our source.

The Spirit will never lead us to go against the words and actions of Jesus. So, let’s not stress out. Let’s pray and trust in the promise of the Holy Spirit.

Willie Israel, retired pastor
Asheville, North Carolina