June 26, 2022: Following

Church Building in Goose Bay Labrador

Third Sunday after Pentecost


Some groups on Facebook keep me informed about my interests. I’m interested in them enough to follow them. I get posts about what’s going on and events I might be interested in. One such group is about supper clubs. I’ve followed it for months, but I have yet to go to a supper club to have a personal experience.

In Luke 9 we hear about Jesus casting out demons, healing, raising a daughter from death, and feeding five thousand people. He sends out the Twelve to cure diseases, and they are successful. Jesus is getting a lot of positive attention, because people’s lives are improved in amazing ways. Good things happen for people when Jesus is around. Of course, Jesus is worth following.

There is a declaration, “I will follow you wherever you go” (Luke 9:57). I wonder, is this person just wanting to join the group to follow from home to stay informed, or does this person want to become involved?

Following Jesus includes becoming involved. Jesus offers a warning that it’s not going to be easy, safe, or familiar. If we look at the stories of Jesus’ ministry, we see that it’s messy and challenging, and not everyone likes the results. Foxholes and bird nests are shelters that offer protection and a place of rest away from danger, a way to isolate from the world. Following Jesus means being informed and being involved in the world to heal, cure, and feed.

The text doesn’t let us know if that person just wanted to stay informed or if they would get involved. What does it mean to you to follow Jesus wherever Jesus goes?

Kurt Liebenow, pastor, Watertown Moravian Church
Watertown, Wisconsin