Official Provincial Elders’ News

Prayer Watch 

The Moravian Church has experienced spiritual renewal and strength through a covenant of prayer. In 1727, the church in Herrnhut, Germany, covenanted for an “Hourly Intercession” which continued for one hundred years with a great blessing to the entire Moravian Church.

The Unity Prayer Watch established in 1957 (the quincentenary of the Unitas Fratrum) has continued to bless us. The 1988 Unity Synod affirmed the importance of this experience for the worldwide Moravian Church.

Under the schedule adopted by the 2016 Unity Synod, December 1-22 is assigned to the Northern Province and January 1- 18 to the Southern Province. Each Provincial Board will supply assignment of specific dates to individual congregations, with suggestions for prayer topics.

World AIDS Day, December 1

The Synods of 2006 resolved to recognize World AIDS Day on December 1 and proclaim it as a day of commemoration and prayer by our Moravian churches. Congregations are encouraged to schedule an AIDS Awareness Day and to find a way to support an AIDS ministry focusing on areas of education, prevention and ministering to caregivers, orphans and those living with HIV. 

Northern Province

Presbyterial Ordination

Br. James Heroux, pastor of the Freedom Moravian Church in Freedom, Wisconsin, will be consecrated a Presbyter in the Moravian Church on Saturday, January 14, 2023, at 3 pm CT. Br. Paul Graf will be the consecrating bishop. James was ordained a Deacon in the Moravian Church on June 16, 2018. Consecration as Presbyter is the second order of ministry in the Moravian Church. 

  All are invited to join James and his family in this celebration of the church and affirmation of James’ ministry. The congregation will host a meal following the service. Those unable to attend in person may join via livestream on the Freedom Moravian Church’s YouTube page.  That can be found here –

Please be in prayer for James, his spouse Alli, and their whole family, along with the Freedom congregation at this time of celebration. 

New Dorp, New York

Br. Walter Bishop, a Moravian pastor from the Southern Province, has accepted an appointment to serve as the Intentional Interim Pastor of the New Dorp Moravian Church on Staten Island, New York. Walter will  be or was installed on November 27. Please keep Walter and his wife Debbie, and the New Dorp congregation in your prayers at this time of transition. 

Unionville, Michigan

Br. Jeff Bonn, an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), has accepted an appointment to serve part-time as pastor of the Unionville Moravian Church in Unionville, Michigan. He was installed on October 30. Jeff will continue to serve part-time as pastor of St. Peter’s ELCA church, also in Unionville. Please keep Jeff, his family, and both congregations in your prayers at this time of transition.

Washington, DC

Br. Bevon White, who has been serving as pastor by appointment at Faith Moravian Church in Washington, DC, has accepted a call to serve as full-time pastor of Faith Moravian.  His transition to called status began on June 14, 2022. 

Released for Other Service

Br. Matthew Gillard has accepted a call to be Released for Other Service to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), serving as pastor at Redeemer Church in Hanna, Alberta. He began his new work on July 1, 2022.

Southern Province


The Rev. Dana Myers was ordained a deacon on Sunday, October 2 at Home Moravian, Winston-Salem NC, with bishop Carol Foltz officiating. 

Dana was then installed as the Associate Pastor of Mission and Discipleship at Fries Memorial Moravian Church. Your prayers of support for Dana, Matt and Raine are appreciated.


The Rev. Madison White was ordained at Calvary Moravian in Winston-Salem, N.C. on November 6 at 3 PM, led by The Rt. Rev. Sam Gray. Come and Worship was the hosting congregation. Calvary Moravian generously provided their space for the event.  Madi is presently serving in specialized ministry as a Chaplain at Wake Health/Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. Please support Madi with your prayers.

Pastoral Appointment

The Rev. Walter Bishop has been appointed as the Intentional Interim at the New Dorp Moravian Church in Staten Island, NY.  Please support Walter and Debbie as they make the transition to residence in the NYC area.

Congregation Status

We are happy to announce that the faith community of Come and Worship has been approved for status as a congregation in formation.  This is the next step of a fellowship community toward full status as a congregation.


The Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse, Director of the Moravian Music Foundation since 1992, retired at the end of August 2022. Nola was ordained a deacon in the Moravian Church on September 27, 2009 and consecrated a presbyter March 1, 2015. We express deep appreciation to Nola for her faithful and dedicated service to the Moravian Music Foundation and wish her many blessings in retirement.