June 23, 2024: The Other Side

waves crashing

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

To the Other Side

“Peace! Be still!” Jesus commanded, and the winds and raging storm were silent and calm. Is there is a complementary message for us today when we are called to serve the Lord?

What will we need to still the raging storms we encounter as we obey his command to take the Good News, God’s plan of salvation for today, out into our world? Our search for answers illuminates the need for God-given peace and quiet. When Jesus called the disciples to follow to the other side, “fear” overwhelmed the disciples’ faith. With Jesus’ words, the wind and waves of fear became quiet. With reassurance from Jesus, disciples were free to address the task at hand: to continue to “go across to the other side.”

Jesus calls us today to a place of new ministry, to a new people, to unknown circumstances, to where Jesus can minister through us. While fear and uncertainty rage, we realize he has been with us the whole time; he calms disciples’ fear and offers peace that passes all understanding.

“Be still!” calms our fear. We are free to serve.

Tony Hayworth, pastor, Fairview Moravian Church
Winston-Salem, North Carolina