Introducing the South Branch RCC

The South Branch Regional Conference of Churches consists of the Advent, Community Fellowship, Hope, Hopewell, and Konnoak Hills congregations. The congregations are geographically close, with no south branch rcc squaredance2more than thirteen miles separating us. Close proximity allows us to more easily celebrate fellowship and service events together, which in turn aids our closeness in affection. The congregations vary in size, providing a rich variety of resources and perspectives from which to learn and to serve.

I recall an early meeting of our delegates in which there was a general reluctance to expend a lot of time and energy on the RCC. We agreed we did not want to meet too often.
South Branch Square Dance1

Looking back fondly across these two and one-half years, we have moved to a place of looking forward to meeting together in fellowship, sharing, learning, and service.

We have celebrated the relationship between our congregations with shared meals that also benefit organizations (Sunnyside Ministry and Greater Things Outreach Center). We have square danced together. We’ve put together gifts bags for the men of Samaritan Inn and have sent overnight teams to serve them. We teamed up with Anthony’s Plot to winterize homes in the Sunnyside area.

We have tried to do some things that we could not quite pull off. Rather than be deterred by these moments, we have decided to adapt our approaches and attempt different things as we learn more about our gifts and capacities as a Regional Conference. We journey forward together in faith, hope, and love.

walter bishop– The Rev. Walter Bishop is pastor at Hopewell Moravian Church and represents the South Branch Regional Conference on the Board of Cooperative Ministries. This story is featured in the Winter edition of The BCM Essentials quarterly newsletter.