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Social Media & Ministry

social-mediaOur time is one of increased connectedness. Digital engagement is now a daily reality for many in the world and engagement, at its best, is relational. Social media is a readily available tool that allows individuals, groups and communities of faith to bear witness to the ordinary happenings of life together.

Our stories of faith are filled with examples of people called by God to share a particular message with a particular group of people. Likewise, in the history of the faithful, the medium by which we accomplish this mission both remains the same and radically different. Social media allows many congregations and followers of Jesus to share messages of hope, of peace and of love.

“Social media is a tremendous help in my work with youth, college age and young adults. I use Facebook the most, which is a valuable tool for communicating and reporting. Through Facebook I am able to contact people about upcoming meetings and events.  I am also able to share what we do in our youth and young adult ministries by posting pictures. This reporting helps inform what we are doing as well as generates excitement for upcoming events.  Communication is an essential part of my work as our province’s Director of Youth, College and Young Adult Ministries.  I get in touch with people through letters, emails, phone calls, and text messages, but my most effective means of communicating is through social media.”

-Rev. Doug Rights, Director of Youth, College and Young Adult Ministries

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest are easily accessible and maintain a broad demographic reach. These spaces allow people to interact, share content, and nurture meaningful relationships. Sharing content, event reminders and other various announcements are valuable uses of social media. Consider ways individuals in your communities of faith may engage one another to build Christian community.

Rev. Keith Anderson, a Lutheran pastor and author, encourages leaders to consider using social media to extend the simple question, “What can we pray for today?” “Liking” a post or sending an encouraging comment are gracious ways of reminding one another of the presence of God through the nearness of one another.

Finally, digital presence in ministry should be authentic, manageable, and responsible.

  • We usually do our best when we are our truest selves.
  • Be present on social media platforms that make the most sense for your community.
  • Remember the importance of boundaries and maintain an awareness of social media as a public place.

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by Sarah Hubbard, BCM Communications Coordinator