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A Trip to Truth

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APRIL 4, 2016 

Being a Christian in the world is complicated. Especially in the polarized society of today, we often find ourselves wandering in the wilderness. How can we live a moral life of substance when we are pulled in so many directions? When we hear so many competing messages and voices? What is God calling us to do and be, as individuals, and as the church?

Last summer, we remembered the ultimate sacrifice of John Hus, early Christian reformer and “grandfather” of what is now the Moravian Church. Over 500 of us sat in the pews of Home Moravian Church and listened as Senior High campers, fresh from their week at Laurel Ridge, sang new words to an old campfire standard, I Search for You, Lord. Entitled Truth Prevails, these words remind us of the struggle of Hus in his complicated world, when breaking with the status quo was much more dangerous. And God is still calling us to the truth . . . the truth of God’s love and grace.

Through the centuries, Moravians have preached Hus’s message that faith must be completed in love and they have established congregations dedicated to the simple proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ and God’s unlimited love for all people.

Six hundred years after his death, Moravians proclaim Hus as a martyr to the truth, a faithful witness of the gospel, and a shining example that truth cannot be destroyed by violence.

– Craig Atwood, John Hus & the Moravian Church.


Truth Prevails

I searched for the truth from all of the people who passed me by.
I looked through the Scriptures to follow your footsteps until I die.
I served as a pastor at Bethlehem Chapel to spread your light.
I challenged corruption and spoke up for what was right.

Though they take my life away
I will speak the truth each day.
Jesus is truth;
Truth is the way.

I stand in the Council and listen to all that they have to say –
The harsh accusations and fierce allegations that come my way.
But I must be faithful and keep my convictions, I cannot fail,
For though they stop me I know God’s truth will prevail.

Though they take my life away
I will speak the truth each day.
Jesus is truth;
Truth is the way.

Lord I wonder in all that is and all of time,
Will faith and love and hope be known to humankind?
Will the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers ever know –
Under the violence and greed the truth will still grow?

Though they take my life away
I will speak the truth each day.
Jesus is truth;
Truth is the way.
Jesus is truth:

The way.

My way.

Our way.

Written by Senior High Campers during Senior High Camp – July 11-18, 2015
In tribute to John Hus
Music by Rick Sides and Jim Newsome, Jr.
Picture by: Mike Reiss


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Ruth Cole Burcaw is Executive Director, Moravian Board of Cooperative Ministries (BCM)