Leadership Development

Written by MoravianBCM

The Moravian Leadership Network joins and strengthens current and emerging leaders in the Moravian Church, Southern Province through experiential, group-oriented learning. The goal is to broaden and deepen the pool of Moravian leaders, people who will dedicate themselves to accomplishing worthwhile goals with a sense of vision, purpose, excitement and common good, creating a future of greater possibilities.

We live in complicated world, full of changes which sometimes challenge the foundations of our social, economic, ecological and spiritual well-being. Times like these present us with the opportunity to discover how God is calling us to serve. We all have a unique combination of talents, as well as a call to serve others and advance the cause of Christ – a calling to ministry. Whether clergy or laity, this program will help Moravians discover and affirm their gifts and learn ways to live through their God-given talents in their congregations and RCCs, as well as in their personal and professional lives.

There will be no Moravian Leadership Network Class for 2017-2018. During this hiatus, planning team members and alumni will evaluate the program and make necessary changes.

MLN Cohort of 2016-17

  • Jessy Burcaw, Unity
  • Jamie Dease, Macedonia
  • David Dezern, Messiah
  • June Edwards, Trinity
  • Barry Foster, Unity
  • Rhonda Hiatt, Mount Bethel
  • Kelly Moore, New Philadelphia
  • Shanda Trogdon, Moravia


MLN Cohort 2015-2016

  • Ray Ansley, Raleigh
  • Joyce R. Carter, Come & Worship
  • Rachel Desmarais, Trinity
  • Joshua Hall, Trinity
  • Betty A. Helms, New Hope
  • David Holston, Home
  • Joe Moore, Fries Memorial
  • Paul M. Morse, Home
  • Angelica Regalado, Friedland
  • Michael Terry, Rural Hall
  • Janice Wilson, Unity


MLN Cohort 2014-2015

  • Matthew Allen, Olivet
  • Elizabeth (Beth) Ansley, Raleigh
  • Marian B. Carter, First Moravian (NC)
  • Andrew David Cox, Olivet
  • Henry Fansler, Unity
  • Aaron Linville, New Philadelphia
  • Cindy Meier, First Moravian (GA)
  • Marcia Mullis, Friedland
  • Hilda Regalado, Friedland
  • Mike Riess, Edgeboro
  • Nancy Sawtelle, Friedland
  • Amanda Sturgill, Christ
  • Ronald Sturgill, Christ
  • Michael Westmoreland, Fries Memorial


MLN Cohort 2013-2014

  • Deb Aboudara, Home
  • Tom Anders, Hopewell
  • Frances Beasley, Home
  • Malissa Bumgarner, New Hope (NC)
  • Margaret Couch, Fries Memorial
  • John Foltz, Trinity
  • Amy Gardin Linville, Advent
  • Paula Hall, King
  • Tony Hayworth, Friedland
  • Margie Lamb, Fries Memorial
  • Sabrina Maksi, Christ
  • Matt Pace, Christ
  • Katherine Wilkerson, Raleigh
  • Leibia Willis, First Moravian (GA)


Hear from some past participants about their MLN experience:

“The MLN experience was a thought-provoking and hope-filled one that has helped me, personally, to take ownership of the future of the Moravian Church and to connect with others who will journey there alongside me. It was so refreshing to learn that there are many of us who care about the church, that no one person or congregation is alone. This, coupled with specific leadership training in the context of the Moravian Church is what makes the MLN a program full of opportunities for our future.”  -Amy Gardin Linville, Advent Moravian Church

“I entered this class with some hesitation to whether it was for me or not. I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that it was for me. Not only did I learn a lot about Moravian History and leadership, I also discovered a lot about myself. Wonderful programming includes much provocation for self-evaluation . I found myself immediately recognizing things I just learned and have been able to practice first hand what I previously was oblivious to. I would recommend this program to anyone who finds themselves leading in any way for the church.” -Matthew Pace, Christ Moravian Church

“The Moravian Leadership Network enhanced my understanding of spiritual leadership by creating a path for personal introspection. Through examination of spiritual gifts, types and practice, biblical models, basic leadership dynamics, as well as generational differences and Moravian identity, I was able to map a personal course for growth and development. As a Director if Christian Education, I will undoubtedly use the knowledge and skills in my professional role, but I am also eager share ideas and concepts with others.” -Paula Hall, King Moravian Church

“What a terrific experience! I learned so many things about the Moravian Church, leadership issues and my own leadership style. However, the best part for me was spending time with my sisters and brothers from around the Province.” -Katherine Wilkerson, Raleigh Moravian Church

“The MLN far exceeded my hopes and expectations.  It is one thing to hope to be a servant leader but another altogether in being one. In between hope and being lies intentional activity. The learning experience, the presenters, and my co-learners provided the right “soil” for our intentional growth.  We learned quite a bit that we can take back to our congregations. The highlightsof the MLN experience were times of fellowship with spiritual growth.  For me, that is essentially Moravian: gathering with others seeking to learn, discern God’s will, attend to spiritual formation alone and as a fellowship.  Growth implies moving into an unknown future but one where we trust that God is fully present. In addition, my fellow participants in the MLN reaffirmed how important each and every member is to our collective health and vitality–none are indispensable all are important. (See 1 Cor. 12:12-31).  We discussed where we’ve been, better understood where and who we are, and, most importantly, envisioned what Moravian Leadership might look like as we follow Jesus’ calling into an exciting future.   As empowered Moravian leaders–which all of us are called to be–we can see a future of hope, faith, and love.” -The Rev. Tony Hayworth

MLN Master Planning Team (2018)

  • Peggy Carter (Fries Memorial)
  • Rachel Desmarais (Trinity Moravian)
  • Hazel Hooker (New Hope – FL)
  • The Rev. Dr. Riddick Weber (Moravian Theological Seminary)
  • Katherine Wilkerson (Raleigh)
  • Ruth Cole Burcaw, BCM Executive Director