Regional Youth Council

The Regional Youth Council (RYC) brings together youth from our Moravian congregations to plan provincial events, develop themes and programs for summer camp, and enjoy times of worship, fellowship and fun.

Each church in our province has the opportunity to have some of its Senior Highs serve as representatives. The purpose of the RYC is to be a “connector” between Moravian youth and youth groups, doing whatever it can to promote unity and friendship among Moravian youth as they live and grow as followers of Christ.

If your church is not currently represented, contact Hanna Jackson, RYC Coordinator, or our current RYC President, Carter Gentle.

RYC Documents

2018-2019 Schedule (PDF)
RYC Constitution (PDF)


2018-2019 RYC Executive Committee

Thomas Sawtelle (Friedland), President
Emily Corum (Clemmons), Vice-President
Stella Brendle (Fairview)
Carter Gentle (Trinity)
Ginny Maneen (Home)
John Poston (Friedland)
Brooke Smith (Clemmons)

Congregational Representatives

Ashlyn Davis (Calvary)
Eleanor Lott (Calvary)
Zackery Pace (Christ)
Emily Corum (Clemmons)
Will Shronts (Clemmons)
Brooke Smith (Clemmons)
Stella Brendle (Fairview)
Haley Hubbard (Fairview)
Rachel Brann (Friedberg)
Lydia Waddell (Friedberg)
Jacob Messick (Friedland)
John Poston (Friedland)
Thomas Sawtelle (Friedland)
Kayla Walter (Friedland)
Jonah Snyder (Fries)
EmmaGrace Stevenson (Fries)
Lindsay Fulp (Fulp)
Kolby Sewell (Fulp)
Oshyn Bryant (Grace)
Baylee Greenwood (Grace)
Anissa Gatland (Home)
Ginny Maneen (Home)
Christopher Stirwalt (Home)
Ryan Absher (Hope)
Carson Church (Kernersville)
Bo Osborne (Kernersville)
Dunivant Grabs (King)
Nate Sapp (King)
Jeremy Jarvis (Konnoak Hills)
Daniella Johnston (Konnoak Hills)
Abbie Poindexter (Mayodan)
Emily Saunders (New Philadelphia)
Ashley Sucliffe (New Philadelphia)
Gray Comer (Oak Grove)
James Peddycord (Oak Grove)
Ally Wolfington (Oak Grove)
Nicole Bohn (Olivet)
Ashleigh Larson (Olivet)
Chole Thomson (Peace)
Jenna Shore (Rural Hall)
Tori Shore (Rural Hall)
Kennedi Walker (St. Phillips)
Joseph Dominguez (Trinity)
Carter Gentle (Trinity)
Emma Green (Union Cross)
Connor Whittington (Union Cross)

Adult Advisors

Hanna Jackson, RYC Coordinator (Calvary)
Zach Dease (Mayodan)
John G. Rights (New Philadelphia)
Macy Sawtelle (Advent)
Michael Sawtelle (Friedland)