Roots & Wings

Parents therefore will not fully perform their duty if they merely teach their children to eat, to drink, to walk about, to talk, and to be adorned with clothing. . . the first care therefore ought to be of the soul…

John Amos Comenius
Moravian Bishop
The School of Infancy, written 1633

A Family Life Ministry of the Moravian Church, Southern Province

Recognizing the home as a community of faith, Roots & Wings provides avenues for families to discover and develop their spiritual roots and wings in today’s world. Through interactive small group programs, retreats and large group gatherings, resource sharing, and an interactive website, Roots & Wings celebrates and enriches family connectedness within the Moravian Church community.

Moravian Family Resource – Loving Hearts United: A Moravian Guide for Family Living
This inspiring, practical workbook for nurturing spiritually healthy families at church and at home includes activities organized for the 52 weeks of the year, plus more for liturgical celebrations. A CD accompanies the workbook with hymns and interactive songs for the whole family. Designed for busy families, this book is full of ideas for connecting with each other and God throughout the day. Available at The Resource Center or online. Try out a few of the activities!

Vibrant Faith @ Home
Vibrant Faith @ Home supports families who are intentional about their faith and religious practice as they raise the next generation of committed Christians. It seeks to equip and empower households to: TALK with each other about their faith, PRAY together in ways that are comfortable and comforting, RITUALIZE their important moments, REACH OUT in service and support of others. More than 60 faith activities are published each season — spring, summer, fall, and winter. Visit Vibrant Faith @ Home now

Interactive Small Group Program
Small Group Connections is an interactive small group experience for 4-6 families with grade school-aged children. It offers guidance in nurturing families’ spiritual life through providing meaningful ritual, rooted-ness in the Bible’s stories, connecting prayer times, and out-flowing service.

Online Support
Parents, grandparents, guardians, and family advocates can “like” our Facebook page to stay informed about great family resources, upcoming events, perspectives on parenting, and to provide valuable feedback on your family’s needs.

Provincial Children & Family Events
Fun-filled family and children’s events, retreats, and workshops will enrich, entertain, educate, and engage parents and children alike.

As parents, remembering that our children are the property of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and take all possible care to preserve them from every evil influence. For this reason, we will seek to approve ourselves as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, setting an example for our children. We will give faithful attention to the spiritual development of our children, both in the home and in the church.” –The Moravian Covenant for Christian Living