Who We Are


Meet the dedicated staff at the Board of Cooperative Ministries!

Rev. Rebecca Craver, Director of Congregational Development

As Director of Congregational Development, Rebecca works with congregations and provincial leadership to provide resources and support their ongoing work towards greater health and vitality. She works to cultivate collaborative relationships between and among pastors, congregations, provincial and interprovincial agencies and other partners. Working with communities of faith, her passion for capacity building and innovation have shaped her 15 year career in ordained ministry. She has led communities in reimagining their structures, practices, and traditions as they embrace Jesus’ call, supporting them through organizational change, worship creation, and adult learning curriculum. Rebecca’s evenings and weekends are often spent investing in good conversation over a mocha, making new connections in the community, or delighting in the laughter of her children and spouse. Email Rebecca.

Beth Hayes, Director of Congregational Resources & Ministries

Beth is a Christian Educator with nearly 40 years of experience, over 30 of those years as Director of the Resource Center for the Board of Christian Education. In 2012, she recently became Director of Congregational Ministries and Resources and helps congregations and RCCs find ways to build effective children and family ministries. She continues to curate the Moravian Resource Center, located at 500 South Church Street in Winston-Salem. She can help with teacher training, children & family ministry consulting & development, Christian educator support, resource selection, and more! Beth is a member of Clemmons Moravian Church and also actively participates in the Come & Worship worshiping community. Email Beth.

Nancy Sawtelle, Interim Communications Coordinator Email Nancy.

Heather Stevenson, Operations Coordinator

Heather is the center of the action at the BCM offices. She will likely greet you when you visit, answer the phone when you call, and generally prove to know everything there is to know about the goings-on at the Board! Heather has a background in Christian Education, serving Advent and Clemmons Moravian churches in the past. She’s been with the Board of Cooperative Ministries (and previously with the Board of Christian Education) since 2008. Heather and her daughter, EmmaGrace, are members of Fries Memorial Moravian Church and live in Winston-Salem. Email Heather.

Austin Craver, Technical Production Coordinator

Austin is the “tech guy” at the BCM office. He manages and produces the video content of the BCM office and assists with web and communications management. He is a current Graduate Student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro pursuing a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. Austin lives in Winston-Salem and is an life-long member of Hope Moravian Church. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, watching movies, and coffee. Email Austin.