#MoravianStar Social Media Campaigns Advent Christmas

#MoravianStar2018 Social Media Campaign

Its here! Advent has arrived!

Which means, for us Moravians, many of us have our stars assembled and displayed! In the spirit of the season and fostering our Moravian unity, we’d like you to send us a picture of how you have your Moravian star displayed. If you feel led, include a description of what Advent/Christmas means to you as a Moravian Christian. This annual campaign has become one of the BCM’s traditions as a Moravian agency. We hope that it will continue to evolve and provide us with new ways of exploring and promoting Moravian identity!


How to Submit:

Post your star image on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #MoravianStar2018 and tag @MoravianBCM. Don’t forget to include your optional description of what Christmas means to you as a Moravian Christian! If you prefer to keep your name and location private, email your submission to [email protected]. You may also direct/private message your pictures to us on the listed social media platforms (we are MoravianBCM on all three.)

 Find us on social media:

Some guidelines on image(s) you submit:

  • The image(s) must be yours and created by you, or you must have permission to submit the image(s)
    • If the latter, please email us the contributor’s name and contact information.
  • The image(s) should, preferably, have been created this year
  • The image(s) should have the hashtag in its caption or shared on a post with the hashtag
    • Unless one of our staff members is friends with you on social media, your image(s) need to be posted publicly for us to see it/them (direct message or email if you aren’t comfortable with posting publicly)
  • The image(s) must be taken on your own property, in a public space, or on property you have permission to take photos on.
  • You may include people in your images, but please try to make subjects in the photo aware that you intend to submit the image to a social media campaign.
    • If there are minors in the image, please request permission from their parent(s)/guardian(s) before submitting.
  • It doesn’t have to be a traditional star! It can be:
    • An ornament
    • Your drawing(s) or other original art
    • Paper stars
    • And more!
Please see more on this at the end of this post (under Privacy and Image Permissions).


Please submit by January 6, 2019.

What do we plan to do with this? 

We will simply share some of our favorite Advent star pictures submitted by you. If we make a final product, like #MoravianStar2015’s photo mosaic, then participants, our social media followers, and e-newsletter subscribers will be the first to know!

Please read the below information carefully. 


If you post your image to social media and prefer to keep your location private, please do so by not tagging a location when you post your image. If you prefer to keep both your name and/or username as well as location private, submit your image via email ([email protected]) or direct/private message us on one of the listed social media platforms. Please expressly tell us we are not permitted to use your name or location by saying you want your submission to remain anonymous

By submitting, you give us permission to repost your submitted image, your description, and name/general location (if not expressly denied) on all digital platforms. You also agree to let us reuse the images/descriptions/name/general location (the last two only if given) for future purposes, both digitally and in print for non-commercial purposes. The original submitted photo’s copyright still belongs to the original photographer. Your submission must be your own creation or submitted with the original creator’s permission and not violate others’ copyright or expectation of privacy. The Moravian BCM will seek formal permission from creators before printing images on a commercial product.