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Curriculum Open House 2019

Monday, June 3- Friday, June 7, 2019 | 9:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Open Late: June 4, 2019
BCM Office | 500 South Church Street, Winston-Salem

It’s about that time of year again when Christian educators begin thinking about the 2019-2020 Sunday School curriculum!

During the week of June 3rd-7th, stop by the Resource Center to view various curriculum options on display. There are many changes happening in the curriculum world that you don’t want to miss out on! On Tuesday, June 4th, the Resource Center will be open late. Please make sure your Christian Educators and Sunday School leaders know about this and take advantage of it.

Cokesbury has a new children option in addition to Deep Blue Kids! Cokesbury’s new Bible Story Basics is just what it says, a 2 year basic classroom model to cover many familiar stories! The Cokesbury Adult Bible Series will no longer follow the Uniform Lesson series but will be more topical to include Advent and Lent options. In 2020, Deep Blue Kids will go away and there will be a new option, be on the lookout for further information. 

Curriculum ordering instructions will be released in May.