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“Create in Me”: Creativity and Worship Podcast

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Some conversations are so good your want to share them…

About two years ago, Rev. Brian Dixon and I were a part of a committee brought together to determine whether or not it was time to begin the process of creating a new Moravian Book of Worship for the Northern and Southern Provinces of North America.  Through the work of that committee and our conversations, we got inspired by an idea.  It seemed through the surveys we received that people were interested in using the existing resources in our current book of worship and in support of creating new worship resources themselves.  We were happy to read that a good percentage of people had written hymns or liturgies and many would be interested in learning to read and write music in a workshop.  I think all of us on the committee were excited about how the church could support and encourage the creativity we saw in the surveys we collected.  We wondered how we might invite more conversations about and collaboration in worship experiences.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Craver.

One of the things to come out of our work were “Create in Me” articles in the Moravian Magazine.  Brian and I went about contacting people who were engaging in worship creation to contribute articles for publication.  There are still so many stories to be told.  We featured hymns that had been published in the “Sing to the Lord a New Song” songbook and the background stories to the music.  Brian and I are both self-proclaimed worship nerds, we enjoy crafting worship experiences and reimagining practices of worship.  With each new hymn, we would consider ways to use it in worship, offering our ideas in the hope that they would give others encouragement to try new things and to create things of their own in worship–both laity and clergy.  People seemed to appreciate the articles and we got some submissions of other creative works they had produced.

Every month Brian and I would talk about the articles and start to chat about ideas and inspirations we had for worship.  I looked forward to our conversations.  By talking about worship together I felt my ideas got better and it was fun to make new connections through the collaboration of our experience.  As we continued our conversations we thought it might be cool to find a way to invite people into them with us. 

We started to imagine what it would be like to host a podcast about creativity and worship.  Beginning at the end of 2018 we made the leap.  We started a monthly podcast “Create in Me” with a new conversation being published on the 1st of the month.  We start with a simple topic and then talk like we do on the phone but now you can join in with us.  On the 15th of most months, we publish an interview with people who are sharing gifts for worship and creation in various ways.  Our podcast is available on most podcasting platforms so just search for Create in Me

We’re still exploring how we can grow in this work but we love the opportunity to talk about creating worship, living example of congregational life that enhance our communal experiences of worship and how our worship is intertwined the things going in the world around us.   

What would make this project even more exciting would be you!  We’d love to hear from you about how you worship, what’s important to you about worship and any ideas you have.  Worship is bigger than just Sunday mornings so feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] or leave us a message on Anchor.fm from your smartphone or computer.  We want this conversation to grow and to learn from you about the heart of worship! 

About the Author

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Craver.

The Rev. Rebecca Craver is a pastor in the Northern Province, serving Edmonton Moravian Church. She serves on the Healthier Congregations Task Force and is a co-creator of the “Create in Me” worship series in The Moravian Magazine and podcast.

Contact Rebecca at [email protected] or call office number (780) 439-1063

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