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As a lifelong Moravian growing up in the 21st century, I feel as if I have the proper mindset to discuss and explore how we have changed and adapted for the better. Did you see the word I used there? Yeah, I said “change”. A lot of folks in our denomination cringe and some turn over in their graves whenever a Moravian talks about change. Change is not easy to come by and a lot of churches will resist it and forcefully go in the opposite direction. Change is like going in different directions from where we think we need to go. 

We must rise up and meet the challenges that God puts in our path. He puts them there for a reason because he knows that we will overcome the obstacles. He is a God of love. Tough love sometimes, sure. He knows and sees when we need to adapt for the betterment of mankind and for the betterment of ourselves. I believe that change is healthy and natural and there are many scientists and specialist that believe the same as I do. From a new minister to new ways of thinking, it is healthy and invigorating. 

Some churches are losing their young people due to the fact that they are stuck in the ways of the old church. Never changing and never moving forward. I would like to see a new breath of life thrust into the older congregations of the Moravian church but first they must be willing to accept that they must adapt to the 21st century. This means adding some new music, new topics and fresh ideas about how to reach out to the different surrounding communities. I know that some churches frown upon newer members. This is not what the bible teaches us! We must open our doors to those who want to hear or need to hear the teachings of Christ.

Jerimiah 29:11 says it beautifully, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This statement brings joy to my heart. The Lord is always watching out for us. He gives us the signs. It is up to us to interpret them and implement them into our congregations. Open up your doors to the community. Have a neighborhood picnic. Make your space available for an outreach or community program. Spread the holy words of God. 

Change requires a bold way of thinking. New ideas, new challenges and new commitments are vital for the long road ahead of us. We did not get where we are today by sitting still and doing the same old thing. We must adapt to the new ways of society as hard as it may be. It is our duty as Moravians to share the gospel with all who wish and want to hear it. We have the power to change lives here and now. Change is healthy. Change is powerful. I firmly believe that it is God’s will and desire for us to do just that.

About the Author

Photo courtesy of Jonah C. Weavil.

Jonah Weavil currently works at FedEx Ground in Greensboro and is attending Forsyth Tech where he is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. His family have been members of Friedland Moravian since 1770 and he cannot imagine going to another church. His love and devotion to the Unitas Fratrum is evident in his everyday life. He serves on the Friedland Board of Trustees, is Assistant Head Usher and a lovefest diener. He lives in Winston-Salem.

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