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The motto of the Unitas Fratrum is all powerful and resounding. “Our Lamb has conquered. Let us follow him” screams to the world the basic mission of the Moravian Church as a whole. No matter the difference between individual churches, provinces or countries, we all follow the same Lamb and we need to start acting like it. Too often are we at odds with each other over what we do in each province, country or church. Some churches do not act the way the PEC might want, and some do not act like their fellow RCC members might want. So what? Who cares? We need to learn to get over the little things and accept that all churches will differ from one another. We are Moravian! We believe in the same God and our worship service traditions are the same. If we are a little different from each other, it should not matter. Being different makes each church unique and awesome in and of itself. I am of the belief that the uniqueness of each church is what draws folks in. I cannot be the only one who sees that. It makes me so happy when people join a church because they like how we operate. To me, it means that we are doing something right. 

Moravian seal at Friedland Moravian Church. Photo courtesy of Austin Craver.

The bible instructs us to be different and to use our differences and talents to serve each other. I find this to be very inspiring and we as a denomination need to use our gifts and talents to uplift our communities and our world. I believe that Romans 12:6 says it the best: “In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So, if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you. If your gift is serving others, serve them well.” 

God wants us to use our gifts and talents to bright up the lives of those around us. He encourages us through the bible. He wants and he needs us to succeed in spreading the good words of the gospel to all those who want and need to hear it. Locally, different churches can host community events such as Vacation Bible School and festivals (The Moravian Festival). I am a firm believer in community outreach as it is almost proven to increase new membership in churches. A church that supports its community will be loved and respected. Being a pillar of the community is a beautiful thing. Worldwide, we have unlimited potential to draw more people to our denomination. We are a little different and that is perfectly fine. We incorporate traditional services with new music and new styles of worship. I know that this can be frustrating to accept but it is better for the church as a whole. It is absolutely beautiful.

Moravian women from around the world. Photo courtesy of Austin Craver.

Being different is difficult and beautiful. It is so rewarding to be a member of the Moravian church and I hope all reading this believe that as well. It is up to us to keep the church active and engaging. Changing for the better and being different and unique along the way. I believe it is God’s desire. Peace.  

About the Author

Photo courtesy of Jonah C. Weavil.

Jonah Weavil currently works at FedEx Ground in Greensboro and is attending Forsyth Tech where he is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. His family have been members of Friedland Moravian since 1770 and he cannot imagine going to another church. His love and devotion to the Unitas Fratrum is evident in his everyday life. He serves on the Friedland Board of Trustees, is Assistant Head Usher and a lovefest diener. He lives in Winston-Salem.    

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