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Keeping the Faith at Home During Troubled Times | Spring-Summer 2020 Resources

We are living in an uncertain time, not knowing what the next day will bring but having to continue to live our lives. But how can we continue to implement faith formation from home when our normal curriculum and activities are at church? Beth Hayes, Director of Congregational Ministries & Resources, has gathered a group of Moravian educators to share how they are working with parents and leaders during this time of sheltering in place. Additionally, we have curated some helpful resources on children’s faith formation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summer 2020 Resources and Virtual Faith Formation Opportunities

Vacation Bible School Options

Virtual Summer Faith Formation Options


Office Hours from May 7th with Ecumenical Educators discussing virtual faith formation.  

Visit page two to view Keeping the Faith at Home During Trouble Times webinar, held April 2020, and other spring 2020 faith formation opportunities.