Children Faith Formation During COVID-19

With the COVID-19 outbreak, our day-to-day lives are changing drastically. Adults and children are having to work from home and are required to stay away from friends and family. One thing that can help during this time for children is to continue faith formation! Including faith formation in your daily or weekly routine can help ease anxiety and create a sense of normalcy. Below we have curated some helpful resources on children’s faith formation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Keeping Faith at Home with Children
    • It has been no surprise to me that Christian formation folks have been at the forefront in sharing resources and ideas for supporting households who are staying at home. Many ideas that have been shared are not new, but are coming to light as the need has arisen for so many. New collaborations are forming to determine new ways to use social media and virtual gatherings for worship, prayer, Bible study, and simply being present with one another as a faith community.
  • We Wonder-A Contemplative Podcast for Children & Their Grownups
    • Plenty of wonderful resources exist to teach children about the Bible. This podcast invites children into an immersive, contemplative experience of the words of Scripture. We make space for their responses and questions, and guide them in a prayerful engagement with the story. And we remember, always, that God is drawing close to us in love as we make space for the Holy Spirit to speak through our sacred text.
  • Pandemic Hope- A Family Devotional for Life During COVID-19 (PDF Download)
    • Let’s adjust our new extended spring break schedules and join together in some time of deepening our faith and listening to how God is calling us to love and serve our neighbor. There are devotional readings & activities prepared for the next 8 weeks for you to do with those you are isolated alongside. If you live alone, call a friend or journal.