COVID-19 Prayerful Resources

Is the unknown of the COVID-19 outbreak getting to you? Has your anxiety levels increased and you need some prayerful reflections to calm down? We have compiled a list of prayerful resources that might be helpful during this unprecedented time.

  • COVID-19: 100 Ideas for Ministers and Ministry Leaders
    • A lot of us are wondering how church will be the same (or different) now that we’re in the middle of a lot of changes related to COVID-19. I think this is a time for us, as church leaders, to show our creativity. I think that churches and ministry people are endlessly creative, and I wanted to jump start some of that creativity. Here are 100 things to think about as you go about leading your congregations. Many of these ideas are things I’ve seen people post about on twitter or talk about in Facebook groups. I decided to compile them all in one place. Enjoy, and add your ideas to the comments as you feel led.
  • Preparing for the Coronavirus and Other Disasters
    • Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it is now officially known, is a serious threat to the stability of our communities, but it grieves me to see the panic that has gripped so many in our neighbourhoods as the virus spreads. My concern is that many Christians have responded with the same fear and panic when I think that we should be responding in a very different spirit. So here is a very quick post with a few suggestions.
  • Do Not Fear
    • Throughout scripture, time and time again the people of God are admonished not to live in fear. As the world enters a time that most generations alive have never experienced it is a time to be wise and follow the advice of the experts. Remember that we are all held by God and are called to reach out to neighbor in time of need.
  • Do You Feel Like You Are In a Storm
    • Do you feel as though you are living in the midst of a storm? COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the globe. Stock markets crashing as people panic in response. Grocery shelves empty of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. It feels as though a tornado has struck and there is Jesus sleeping peacefully in the back of the boat.